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10: Boxers who finished careers undefeated

A weekly boxing list compiled by Michael Rosenthal. This week: Boxers who finished their careers undefeated. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is 40-0 going into his fight against Shane Mosley on Saturday in Las Vegas. (In order of number of victories.)

1. Rocky Marciano: 49-0
2. Joe Calzaghe 46-0
3. Samson Dutch Boy Gym 43-0
4. Sven Ottke 34-0
5. Michael Loewe: 28-0
6. Edwin Valero: 27-0
7. George Kandelaki 24-0
8. Pichit Sitbangprachan 24-0
9. Harry Simon 25-0
10. Scott Daley 24-0

Ten More: Jemal Hinton 22-0, Ike Ibeabuchi 20-0, Gurcharan Singh 20-0, Kirk Daley 19-0, Jimmy Barry 59-0-10, Ricardo Lopez 51-0-1, Edson Pedro Nascimento 47-0-1, Agustin Senin 42-0-1, Jack McAuliffe 34-0-7, Laszlo Papp 27-0-2.

Note: No one will be surprised if Calzaghe comes out of retirement.

Source: boxrec.com

Michael Rosenthal can be reached at RingTVeditor@yahoo.com

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