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2010 RING Fan Polls

You can weigh in on the best of the past year by taking part in the 2010 RING Fan Polls.

To vote, just go to this link at Yahoo! Sports — http://sports.yahoo.com/box/news;_ylt=Asj3QE9v9I8vUTsCJqHAuVGUxLYF?slug=ys-10ringpollround
-– and give us your opinion.

One poll will appear on the Yahoo! Sports boxing page each of the next eight days and the results will be posted on RingTV.com the following day.

The categories (in order) are: Round of the Year, Prospect of the Year, Comeback of the Year, Upset of the Year, Event of the Year, Knockout of the Year, Fight of the Year and Fighter of the Year.

Thanks for taking part.

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