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Montiel training hard at home



altMontiel begins his day with a 50-minute run in the huge Parque Centenario in Los Mochis. By 1:00 p.m. he will report to the gym his family owns, where he will spar and do all of his boxing workouts, including 700 sit-ups. He closes out his day with a night session in the same gym with the Garza Brothers, where he does special exercises geared towards giving him the best physical condition possible for this most important fight.

“I feel great and I believe that that the work plan my father and brothers have put together has been very effective," said Montiel. "With the addition of the Garza brothers, I will be in the best shape ever for a fight. I want to give the fans a fight they will remember for a long time and I want to give the Mexican people a win that they will proud off. I will promise them a victory."  

His brother Eduardo Montiel, the chief second in the corner for this fight, wants his younger brother to put a lot of pressure on Donaire and does not want him to fight at a distance against the taller and longer Filipino.

For the first phase of his training Montiel sparred with Jorge Lacierva, Toaltmoki Kameda and Alex Lopez, and for the speed phase with Eduardo Ramirez and Ariel Gaspar.

Montiel is undefeated when he trains at home in Los Mochis. The only two times he trained outside of his hometown he lost to Mark Johnson and Johnny Gonzalez in very close decisions. This time he is not breaking his winning routine.


Photos by Rafael Soto/Top Rank.

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