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Breaking news: Segura-Calderon II on for April 2

The participants of THE RING’s fight of the year for 2010 are set to go again in 2011.

Giovani Segura and Ivan Calderon, who engaged in a thrilling 108-pound battle in Puerto Rico last August, have agreed to an anticipated rematch, this time in Mexico, on April 2, Segura’s manager Richard Mota has informed

In the first fight, Segura (26-1-1, 22 knockouts) wore down Calderon (34-1-1, 6 KOs) to a dramatic eighth-round stoppage, lifting the unbeaten Puerto Rican’s RING junior flyweight title in the process.

altThe fight, which matched a pure puncher (Segura) against a pure boxer (Calderon), was lauded as one of the best of last year. THE RING’s editorial board believed it was the best.

Talk of a rematch began almost immediately after the first fight ended but fruition of a second bout was in doubt for many months due to disagreements over money and Segura’s desire to move up in weight. However, the two sides finally reached a resolution over the weekend.

“We always wanted the fight but Giovani was being offered chump change for a awhile,” Mota said. “He knew he would have to take short money and fight in Puerto Rico for the first fight because Calderon was the champ, but this time around, he‘s the champ.”

A fair purse split and Calderon’s willingness to fight in Mexico helped move the negotiations along.

The rematch will take place in Cancun or in Acapulco, Mexico, which is a two-four drive from Ciudad Altamirano, the town where Segura was born. alt

The card will be available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico via pay-per-view show produced by Zanfer Promotions (which represents Segura in Mexico) and PR Best Boxing (which promotes Calderon). It will be broadcast live on TV Azteca in Mexico.

Segura, a 28-year-old pressure fighter who walks around at 125 pounds, still wants to campaign at flyweight or even junior bantamweight but the Bell, Calif., resident realizes that the Calderon rematch is the biggest fight available for him.

“He knows he’s going to go through hell to make 108 pounds but he’s willing to do it because this is the fight that everyone wants to see,” said Mota. “After the rematch he can go to 112 pounds.”

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