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Dougie’s Monday mailbag


What’s up dude? So far for Montiel B. A. D. Has stood for Bad Ass Defeat! That was a devastating left hook and I don’t know how Fernando rose after that punch! Donaire is a beast, period! Holla back! — Fleetwood

Donarie’s improved technique (under Robert Garcia’s watchful eye) combined with his natural gifts indeed make him a bantamweight monster. I have no idea how Montiel got up after Donaire almost engulfed his left fist inside his big melon head with that killer-hook. That was the most devastating knockdown I’ve ever seen the fallen fighter get up from. In other words, it was the most brutal knockdown that didn’t immediately end the fight.

Montiel has my respect. True, he’s never preformed well in his three appearances on HBO’s Boxing After Dark, but it must be noted that he was never in against a chump. I think Mark “Too Sharp” Johnson is a hall of famer (he’ll get my vote, anyway). Jhonny Gonzalez was a one-dimensional stalker, but he was huge and he could turn your lights out with one shot. Donaire is Donaire. He’s got Gonzalez‘s size/power and Too Sharp‘s speed/talent.


Wow. Just Wow. What an incredible knockout! The Donaire-Montiel fight Saturday last night made me more excited about the future of boxing than anything for a long while. After that I’d favour Donaire to beat just about anyone up to featherweight, including Gamboa or Lopez (what a fight that would be!!! I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it).

Most exciting is the fact that he seems genuinely eager to fight the Mares-Agbeko winner, I really hope that fight can be made because it would be a fight of the year candidate as long as it lasted longer than last night’s fight did. The brevity of the fight was the only downside really, because it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun, but who am I to reject a devastating knockout like that one?

Hopefully Donaire can deliver more of the same for the rest of what I predict will be a glittering career. Joe T – Birmingham, UK

Yeah, I was hoping for a fight-of-the-year candidate but I’ll take a KO-of-the-year candidate because to do what Donaire did to Montiel means the Filipino Flash is a star in the making. And boxing is in desperate need of young stars, especially humble, affable ones like Donaire, who seems willing and eager to earn his stripes.

Bring on Donaire vs. Agbeko/Mares, Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., Gamboa and Lopez!


Nonito Donaire. Badass. Left Montiel on the floor kicking like a baby in an imaginary crib. WOW! — Ronnie the Conqueror, St. Louis, MO

You have a way with words, Mr. Conqueror.



Well that was certainly a ‘star making’ performance by Donaire. I had mixed feelings going into this fight, I favored Donaire, but the fact that he can be a little unfocused coupled with Montiel’s explosiveness gave me some misgivings. About a minute into the first round any doubts about a Donaire victory quickly vanished. Donaire effectively stripped Montiel of all confidence in the first round. It reminded me of Hearns-Duran or Tyson-Spinks, where Duran and Spinks both came to the horrifying conclusion that their opponents were so much better than them on that night. Donaire’s speed, technique, timing and power were absolute and totally set the tone for the fight. The fact that it ended the way it did was that much more impressive. I was just telling my fiance that “Montiel was turning the momentum in the fight” and then Donaire walked him into a bomb! It was as devastating and impressive as Sergio Martinez’s knockout of Paul Williams. Donaire had the look of a star after his knockout over Darchinyan, but he was moved curiously afterwards and it appeared he wasn’t going to take advantage of that momentum, it’s good to see he finally has…

Minor observations:

– I’m still not impressed with Mike Jones. He reminds me of Michael Grant (minus the weak chin), a lot of athletic ability and physical tools but something is missing. Sotto-Karass is pretty limited and despite having to fight thru two bad cuts, he was able to find Jones on a fairly consistent basis. I think as he steps up in class he’s going to going to get killed.

– I thought Kenny Bayless did a sub-par job, how did he miss all of those accidental headbutts?

– How in the hell did Russell Mora think it was okay to let Montiel continue?!? Montiel looked like he was having a grand-mal seizure on the canvas — jeez that was scary and Montiel could have really gotten hurt. He didn’t even move when the fight continued….

– Floyd Mayweather must have been going crazy as Max Kellerman heaped all of his praise on Donaire-even going as far to suggest he was the second best fighter on the planet. I’m pretty sure Floyd will issue a challenge to Donaire to prove who’s the better fighter, at a catchweight of 150 lbs of course, LOL.

– It’s hard being the son of a living legend… Ronald Hearns should have consulted Marvis Frazier…

– I was excited about Roy Jones joining the B.A.D announcing crew. I used to think he was a really good color analyst and found him to be surprisingly insightful. He wasn’t disappointingly average like Ray Leonard, who in my opinion parroted too much or as stubborn as George Foreman (“Shane Mosley will never be the true welterweight champion until he beats Andrew Lewis”) who would make crazy statements then dig himself into them for the rest of the fight after Merchant would call him out on what he said. I’m beginning to think all of the beatings he has recently taken are now effecting his sanity… he gave Mike Jones an A-plus for his defensive work!?! and what is with all the Christian-Faith and religious references? It was totally bizarre… Ironically, I think his old rival Antonio Tarver is the best fighter-turned commentator now…

– Finally, you had to love Bob Arum ripping HBO for making the Berto-Ortiz contest, instead of matching Berto with the winner of Jones-Sotto Karaas. This from the guy who is matching Manny Pacquiao, the best fighter in the world, against the zombified remains of Shane Mosley. He’s so worried about Berto being protected? Well he should have chosen him as Pacquiao’s opponent. Sure Berto would have probably gotten smoked, but at least Manny would have been in with a guy who wasn’t A) coming off a career changing knockout loss B) was still at or approaching his prime… the idea that Mosley has a chance because of styles in this fight is insulting. If Floyd Mayweather had more killer instinct in him he would have stopped Mosley. Pacquiao is more aggressive and throws a lot more punches than Maywether. How is this good for Shane? Maybe if he didn’t display the signs of a guy who just can’t pull the trigger anymore. Mosley is going to lose every second of every round until he gets stopped. — Tom G.

Hearns-Duran and Tyson-Spinks are apt comparisons what we witnessed on Saturday.

I’ll give my observations to your “minor” observations in the order you presented them:

– I was impressed with the controlled manner Jones boxed against Soto-Karass. He stayed cool under fire, paced himself and did just enough to win the majority of rounds against a determined card-carrying tough guy. However, I not impressed with Jones as a prospect/contender. He can stick and move, but damn, he doesn’t look comfortable doing it, does he? And he wasn’t into the idea of going toe-to-toe with his Mexican antagonist, either. If Soto-Karass had any talent (apart from taking a good shot), Jones would have been in trouble. I’m not a big Berto fan but I think he would outbox and punish Jones.

– Mr. Bayless is one of my favorite referees, and I think he’s one of the best, but I thought he was on Soto-Karass’ case a little too much.

– Mora should told Montiel to take a few steps forward after the brave veteran somehow got up. He was operating on instincts alone and would have stumbled had Mora asked him to come to him. Then Mora could have waved it off without Montiel taking another shot. Of course, all of this is crystal clear after the fight. I know it’s gotta be hard to make the right call during the fight because things happen so damn fast.

– I seriously doubt that Mayweather was watching that HBO broadcast. If your boy did challenge Donaire, he wouldn’t just set a 150-pound, he’d purposely come in a few pounds over.

– Ronald should have consulted Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. And that’s the way he should have been moved. Forget a world title. His goal from day one should have been a showdown with Chavez Jr. In fact, he should have been fighting the same Midwestern stiff Junior feasted on for years, fighting only in Detroit and Auburn Hills, Mich., until he regularly drew 10,000. Oh well.

– Roy’s always been a God-fearing country boy. Now that his ego has been taken down a few pegs you’ll hear him praise Jesus a lot more on air. He gave Jones an A-plus because he wanted to be nice and encouraging to a kid who was having to dig down a bit. Roy isn’t perfect but I still like his commentary. I agree that Tarver is the best active boxer-commentator.

– Arum is going to diss Berto-Ortiz because A) he’s lobbying for the fighter he co-promotes (Jones), which is fine, B) because Ortiz left his company for Golden Boy, and C) because Berto is managed by Al Haymon, so he’s got his hate on for both fighters. It’s no big deal, really. We all know Bob’s a crotchety old hater. However, he’s mad genius when it comes to promotion. Everything you said about Pacquiao-Mosley is true, but that PPV event will probably do between 1.4 and 1.8 buys.


Wow! That’s all I can really say Dougie. I did something I’ll never do again Saturday night, doubt a guy involved with Victor Conte. In short, I followed your pre-fight prediction and felt that Nonito’s height and reach would be a deciding factor as all other things seemed either equal, or cancelled each other out on paper. But once I saw the weigh-in photos, I was swayed towards Fernando Montiel. The little guy looked absolutely shredded. Knowing his lethal left hand and somehow thinking that perhaps family issues got to Nonito, I felt Montiel was perhaps better prepared. Silly me. That left hook was not only devastating, but planned, calculated as a counter shot, perfectly timed and delivered flush. Just incredible!

The Filipino Flash has earned his once pre-ordained Ring P4P spot in my book. If he beats the winner of Mares vs Agbeko, where do you rate him P4P? — Joseph

If Donaire beats the Agbeko-Mares winner (particularly in his next fight) he might bump Martinez or Marquez on my P4P list. It would depend on the manner in which he beats the Showtime tournament winner and also how Martinez (slated to face undefeated technician Sergei Dzinziruk next month) and Marquez (nothing scheduled) look in their next fights.

Feel free to go against my predictions, but don’t go against Conte. I think his fighter roster is about to increase dramatically.


Hi Doug,
I knew Donaire had some seriously scary power but wow! After that I think he needs to go to straight featherweight which isn’t likely, but I am not sure if JuanMa and Gamboa could hold up against that kind of power and speed hopefully we will eventually get to see. Where do you see Donaire go from here and against who after that performance? Cheers mate. — Nicholas

I think Donaire will target the Agbeko-Mares winner then jump to 122 pounds to face the Vazquez Jr.-Arce winner (which will likely be Vazquez), and then go after either Gamboa or Lopez. If he wins all of those matchups (especially if he does so in impressive fashion) he may wind up the sport’s new pound-for-pound king.

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