Michael Rosenthal

Alvarez-Hatton 150-pound catch weight remains in place

Rumors have it that the Saul “Canelo” Alvarez-Matthew Hatton fight on Saturday has somehow evolved from an agreed-upon 150-pound catch weight to 154 pounds, the standard junior middleweight limit.

And some of those closest to Matthew Hatton, including brother Ricky, have advised him to pull out of the fight if the Mexican weighs in more than 150.

Not to worry.

Several sources at the final news conference to promote the fight – including Alvarez himself – confirmed that the catch weight remains in place and both fighters will make weight.

Alvarez even got testy when someone brought it up.

“Don’t talk about it if you don’t know. I’ll show everybody that I’ll come in at the limit, 150,” he said through a translator.

The fighters agreed to the 150-pound limit before they learned they would be fighting for the WBC junior middleweight belt. One report indicated that the WBC decided sometime over the past few days to raise the limit from 150 to 154.

A knowledgeable official involved in the promotion laughed at that notion, saying “The WBC can’t raise the weight limit. They’re saying that because it’s a junior middleweight title fight and the junior middleweight limit is 154.

“The contract says the catch weight is 150 so the limit is 150.”

Matthew Hatton said the 150-pound catch weight is one reason he took the fight, knowing that Alvarez is the naturally bigger man. However, he wasn’t concerned about his opponent’s weight when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday.

“It’s not in me head,” he said. “I’m focusing, concentrating 100 percent on the fight. I’ve been assured that he won’t come in over (150). If he does, it will be a decision me and my people will have to make. I’m confident he’ll come in at (150). We agreed to (150) all the way down the line.

“Golden Boy is very professional, one of the biggest promoters in the world. I really don’t think it will be a problem to be honest.”

The weigh-in is at noon at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., the site of the fight. It is open to the public.

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