Michael Rosenthal

Martinez-Dzinziruk: Round by round

RingTV.com Co-Editor Michael Rosenthal Tweeted round-by-round analysis during Sergio Martinez’s eighth-round knockout of Sergei Dzinziruk on Saturday in Mashantucket, Conn.


Round 1. Nice round for Martinez, who outjabbed Dzin. And the jabs were hard. Dzin had better become more active or he will have problems

Round 2. Martinez is outworking Dzin, who was a little more active. Martinez landed a few power shots, none of which seemed to hurt Dzin.

Round 3. Martinez still landing first and more often, although Dzin was active. Martinez is winning the fight with the jab. M 30-27

Round 4. Dzin goes down to a knee after a punch early, giving Martinez a 10-8 round. Was competitive after that, though.

Round 5. Dzin down again late, this time from a killer combo. Martinez is landing some good shots. Dzin is trying. He’s just not as good.

Round 6. Good round for Dzin, although it was close. Martinez looked a little sloppy. Dzin probably senses that he needs to change tactics.

Round 7. Dzin has found himself. He was very active and very accurate, as Martinez is suddenly hittable. Too late to turn the tide, though.

Round 8. Martinez scores KO!!!! Sensational. Three knockdowns in the eighth round and Arthur Mercante Jr. stops it. Great performance.

Martinez is something special. Dzin is supposed to make opponents look bad. Martinez looked great. Amazing.

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