Michael Rosenthal

Is Martinez already a hall of famer?

Lou DiBella, Sergio Martinez’s promoter, said during an interview about the Argentine’s immediate future that he is “already a hall of famer.”

That’s an interesting statement: Is it true?

DiBella will point to a dominating early career and success over a gauntlet of five elite opponents – Kermit Cintron, Paul Williams, Kelly Pavlik, Williams again and Sergei Dzinziruk — over the past two years. The middleweight champ went 3-1-1 in those fights but many believe he won all five.

“You can make an argument that he’s the second best fighter out of Argentina,” DiBella said, implying that no one can touch Carlos Monzon at No. 1.

Argentina has other fighters in the International Boxing Hall of Fame. That includes Pacual Perez, Victor Galindez and Nicolino Locche, all of whom probably accomplished more than Martinez has thus far.

However, the consensus No. 3 fighter in the world — behind only Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. — has just entered his prime. He might be on his way to the hall even if he has yet to clinch induction.

“Not quite yet,” said writer and historian Cliff Rold. “Remember how hot Michael Nunn was once upon a time? ┬áThe (Frank) Tate, (Juan) Roldan and (especially) (Sumbu) Kalambay KOs had him looking all-world. RING had him No. 3 pound for pound going into (James) Toney. Didn’t quite work out.

“Martinez has an outstanding three-fight win streak going. ┬áNone of those guys in the streak are bona fide Hall so Martinez probably still has some work to do. … It wouldn’t shock me to see him get to those type accolades.”

It wouldn’t shock anyone.

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