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Reports: Solis had previous problems with knee; tore ligaments

Odlanier Solis had previous problems with his right knee before he entered the ring to fight Vitali Klitschko on Saturday in at Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany, according to a report out of Germany.

And The Associated Press reported that doctors in Cologne have determined that he tore his cruciate ligament and external meniscus, and damaged cartilage in the knee.

He is expected to have surgery as early as Thursday, according to a report by eastsideboxing.com.

“I haven’t seen a knee torn apart like this in a long time”, Dr. Joern Michael said after doing an arthroscopy, according to the Web site.

Klitschko landed a grazing right to Solis’ temple and the Cuban fell backward, apparently injuring the knee in the fall. He got up but, unable to put weight on the leg, he couldn’t continue.

The fight was stopped after the first round.

“I was just unlucky”, Solis said. “I didn’t even feel the shot that he landed on me and it certainly did not take me out. I felt that there was something wrong with my leg and I lost my balance. When I went down, I knew immediately that there was something wrong. I promise that I will be back soon and even stronger – if I get a second chance I will win the title.”

Die Welt, a German newspaper, reported that Solis had existing problems with the knee.

Malte Mueller-Michaelis, a spokesman for Lanxess Arena, told the newspaper: “We knew it, but we didn’t want to let it jeopardize the fight against Vitali. His manager, Jose Perez, knew about the previous problem, but it was thought it would go away if there was enough training and the muscle stabilized the knee.”

Solis (17-1, 12 knockouts) was fighting for a major title for the first time.

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