Michael Rosenthal

Report: Haye will know which Klitschko he’ll face by May

David Haye will know by May which of the Klitschko brothers he’ll fight and when and where the event will take place, The Guardian newspaper reported Sunday.

Adam Booth, Haye’s trainer and manager, reportedly met with Bernd Bönte, the Klitschkos’ manager, sometime before Vitali Klitschko’s victory over Odlanier Solis on Saturday in Cologne, Germany.

Booth told The Guardian that he was told Wladimir Klitschko still hasn’t recovered form a lingering stomach muscle injury. If Wladimir can’t fight Haye, Vitali will step in as per an agreement between the parties.

The promoters will announce the date (June 25 or July 2) and site of the fight before they reveal Haye’s opponent.

“Third week of April we will make an announcement,” Booth told The Guardian. “By the first week of May, Wladimir will have to tell us if he is fit to fight.”

The fight probably will take place in Germany, although other sites are being considered.

Booth mentioned Monte Carlo, South Africa, Switzerland and Moscow. The promoters have said it will not take place in the United Kingdom or United States.

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