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Schaefer: Marquez under contract with Golden Boy, can’t walk away

Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, is flying to Mexico City next week to meet with Juan Manuel Marquez about his future with the company.

Schaefer said Marquez’s contract with Golden Boy doesn’t expire until February of 2012. However, Marquez seems to be distancing himself from Golden Boy to increase his chances of fighting Manny Pacquiao in November.

Top Rank, Pacquiao’s promoter, will not do business with Golden Boy.

Schaefer said he has reached out to Marquez a number of times to discuss the situation but hasn't been able to pin the fighter down.

He also said that someone connected with Mexican promoter Fernando Beltran, who has close ties to Top Rank, approached Marquez while he was under contract about a Pacquiao fight.

“I just know two things,” Schaefer said. “Obviously, he has not honored a clause in the contract that states we have to have good-faith negotiations. That hasn’t happened so far.

“And, secondly, I know because he told us that somebody from the Beltran side … contacted him late last year about a potential Pacquiao fight but only if he’s free of Golden Boy.”

Some observers have compared Marquez’s actions to that of Shane Mosley, a partner in Golden Boy who left the company to fight Pacquiao because of the windfall he would be guaranteed.

Schaefer said the situations are different.

“Mosley’s decision to leave us, which he could do, has certain implications as it relates to his partnership with Golden Boy,” he said. “We made him aware of that and he was willing to move forward. Now he’s fighting Pacquiao.

“With Marquez, he’s under an existing contract where we have certain rights. … He can’t just walk away now and go fight Pacquiao. This is a contract situation that has to be dealt with.”

Bob Arum, president of Top Rank, has said openly that Marquez is the leading candidate to fight Pacquiao in November, if the Filipino icon beats Mosley on May 7.

Schaefer points out that it wasn’t long ago that Arum dismissed Marquez as an unworthy opponent for his star fighter, as he also did with Mosley.

“I said last year, prior to Arum making the Mosley(-Pacquiao) fight, that I thought Marquez and Pacquiao was a good fight. Bob didn’t think so. He said Marquez is too small, that he needs to beat someone like (welterweight Andre) Berto first. Otherwise it would be a one-sided beating.

“… I’m not surprised. He said (after Mosley fought Sergio Mora that) he was huffing and puffing, that he would never be considered as a potential opponent for Pacquiao. Then, once Arum noticed that there was a possibility to do a Mosley fight without Golden Boy, suddenly Shane Mosley became an attractive proposition.

“The situation with Marquez is the same. If Marquez could be free of Golden Boy, if Bob can be the sole promoter, suddenly Marquez becomes an attractive option for Pacquiao. This is consistent with the way Bob Arum operates. It’s consistent with the kind of person Bob Arum is.”

Schaefer pointed out that Marquez signed with Golden Boy in the second half of 2006, after he earned $30,000 to fight Chris John in Indonesia. Since then, Schaefer said, Marquez has made almost exactly $17 million with Golden Boy.

“I’m pretty proud,” he said. “We not only made him money, we helped him become a multiple world champion

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