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“Action Heroes:” Morales, Maidana, et al provide food for thought

Every fighter approaches their diet differently during training for a fight.

Those fighting on the April 9 "Action Heroes" card at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas – Erik Morales vs. Marcos Maidana and Robert Guerrero vs. Michael Katsidis — are no different.

This is what they’re eating for maximum energy and to help them make weight… and what they wish they could eat.

Morales: The former three-division titleholder, who trains in the mountains in Mexico, eats simply. His training-camp diet includes a variety of vegetables, rice, chicken and one reward each week for all his hard work.

"I am not really on a rigid diet," Morales said. "I eat small amounts of healthy foods and work extra hard to burn off what I am eating.  I do allow one filet mignon a week to reward myself for running more and training harder than I ever have in my career."

What does he miss most?

"When I am training, I don't allow myself to drink Sprite, which is my favorite soda," he said. "I also can't have carne asada tacos, which will be the first thing I eat when I get home after beating Maidana on April 9."

Maidana: The junior welterweight contender left his camp in Mexico City and is completing his training in Las Vegas.

The hard-punching Argentine has a basic diet prepared in a healthful manner. His typical menu: eggs, rice, pasta, ham, beef, chicken and various types of fish.

He misses an Argentine style of grilling different meats called asados, which is too greasy to eat during training.

"I am not concerned about any issues with my weight," said Maidana. "I am focused on getting in the best shape possible.”

Guerrero: The former two-division titleholder, training in Las Vegas, also eats heathfully during training and admits he misses certain things.

"My diet hasn't changed much," he said. "I'm eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables with protein. I can't eat any pizza or chocolate cake during camp, but I really crave that stuff from time to time."

Katsidis: The long-time lightweight contender from Australia trains in the most unusual place, Thailand, and also has the most-unusual diet.

He prefers food in its natural form.

“I enjoy natto and raw egg," Katsidis said.  "Natto is a soy bean paste used in traditional Japanese breakfasts.  Most people hate the smell, but I can't wait for the next day just so I can eat it again."

The April 9 card is on pay-per-view television.

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