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Pascal to Hopkins: Are you willing to take the test?

Irony was ever-present at the Pascal-Hopkins II presser in Montreal on Monday.

Usually it’s Bernard Hopkins who plays the role as aggressor at the podium, however today Jean Pascal grabbed the microphone and went to work on the “Executioner.”

Accusing Hopkins of perhaps using an illegal substance, Pascal repeatedly pestered Hopkins saying, “Are you willing to take the test, are you willing to take the test?”

Advised by Richard Schaefer, Golden boy CFO, to leave the press conference and head for the airport, Hopkins then stood up, smiled and began to leave. But before he did, Pascal put his hand on Hopkins shoulder, while asking once again, “Are you willing to take the test?” Hopkins put down his papers calmly, and then shoved Pascal into the backdrop for the presser.

A melee ensued, with those seated at the dais joining in the shoving match, trying to hold both Hopkins and Pascal from each other.

Hopkins left without further escalation, however the two fighters are due in Times Square tomorrow for a New York presser.


To view the presser on YouTube click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBI7sF8gQkU

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