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THE RING May issue: At a glance

Starting with an original cover illustration by award-winning artist Richard T. Slone, more than 20 pages of the May issue of The Ring is dedicated to previewing the May 7 bout between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley.

Contributing Editor Eric Raskin comes out smoking in “Pacquiao-Mosley: 10 Burning Questions.” Not only does he ask the questions, Raskin also supplies the answers, giving readers the inside scoop with queries such as: “Will Pacquiao end Mosley’s career?” and “Will the punches Pacquiao took against big, strong opponents like Cotto and Margarito start to catch up with him in this fight?”

Insightful contributor Lee Groves delves into virtually every detail of the bout and its participants in “Pacquiao-Mosley: A 20 Category Analysis.” All of the usual categories are included as well as such esoteric aspects as “Peak Quotient” and “Intelligence and Strategic Dexterity.” Both fighters are graded in all categories on a scale of 0 to 5, with a chart providing the grand total.

There is also a piece called “By the Numbers” that gives readers a quick, fun way to look at the two fighters. For instance, did you know Mosley has had only six pro fights against southpaws? Or, that Pacquiao has been outweighed in his 10 most recent fights?

“Digging Deep” columnist Ivan Goldman also gives his personal view on what he terms a “Pacman tune-up fight” along with his opinion on a variety of other topics, including the kiss Chris Arreola planted on Joey Abell’s cheek after knocking him out.

In “Super Six Semifinals Preview” Senior Writer William Dettloff provides his inimitable take on the Carl Froch-Glen Johnson and Andre Ward-Arthur Alexander bouts: “A 42-year-old manifestation of professionalism and desire who took the call from Showtime’s Ken Hershman the way a firefighter responds to the news of a three-alarm blaze at a home for crippled kids and strippers,” Dettloff writes about late-substitute Johnson. “That’s one of the many reasons we love him.”

“The Wow Factor!” by Co-Editor Michael Rosenthal covers Nonito Donaire’s explosive second-round knockout of Fernando Montiel and its aftermath: “The knockout itself was so dramatic, particularly given Montiel’s accomplishments, that it was bound to have a jarring impact on us,” writes Rosenthal. “It became clear immediately that we saw both a special performance and a special perform-ER. Donaire had instantly entered an exclusive realm, one occupied by the likes of Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather.”

“The Return Of the Aztec Warrior: Swindle Victim Fernando Vargas Battles Back” by award-winning contributor Don Stradley, documents how long-time business manager and so-called friend Joseph Pecora allegedly stole nearly $500,000 from Vargas and lost hundreds of thousands more by mismanaging the fighter’s money.

“That’s how the devil works,” said Vargas of Pecora, who has been charged with grand theft by embezzlement and forgery. “The Devil was God’s favorite angel. The people closest to you always hurt you the most.”

Vargas was suffering from pneumonia when this article was written, but his illness probably only postponed his return to the ring, where he will try to rebuild his fortune with new trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. in his corner.

In “But it Looked Great on Paper,” frequent contributor David Mayo dissects the Timothy Bradley-Devon Alexander fight and unearths the reasons why such a highly anticipated matchup turned out to be a dud once the opening bell rang.

“Public demand and economics almost always outweigh match making reason, the category into which Bradley-Alexander fell,” writes Mayo, identifying one of the many problems that caused the junior welterweight showdown’s failure to live up to expectations.

This issue’s “Ring Interview” features ESPN’s Brian Kenny, the studio host of the <i>Friday Night Fights</i> and arguably today’s most knowledgeable boxing broadcaster.


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