Michael Rosenthal

3 reasons to be excited about Pacquiao-Mosley … and 3 reasons not to


This doesn’t appear to be a competitive fight on paper. Mosley, at 39, doesn’t seem to have the speed and reflexes that helped lift to star status long ago. And that doesn’t bode well against a fighter with the unusual tools of Pacquiao. The one thing a boxer never loses, though, is his power. Mosley almost did the unthinkable when he stunned Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the second round of their fight last in May only to succumb to Junior’s superior tools over 12 rounds. Sugar Shane has always had punching power, as his 39 KOs in 46 victories suggests. He was an astonishing 38-0 – with 35 knockouts – to start his career. And remember: He’s naturally much bigger than Pacquiao, who was a flyweight (112 pounds) when Mosley became a welterweight (147) in 1999. And Mosley has proved in recent fights that he can still whack out a physically strong opponent. Ask Antonio Margarito and Ricardo Mayorga. Will Mosley be able to hurt Pacquiao? Not likely. Is it possible? Absolutely.


Photo / Craig Bennett-FightWireImages.com


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