Michael Rosenthal

3 reasons to be excited about Pacquiao-Mosley … and 3 reasons not to


Mosley has had his setbacks since he ran into Vernon Forrest in 2002. He started his career 38-0 but is only 8-6-1 (with one no-contest) since. That is stark evidence of his vulnerability, particularly at his age. Mosley can claim one very impressive feat, though: He has never been stopped in an 18-year professional career, evidence of a very good chin. Pacquiao and Co. want to become the first to take out Mosley inside the distance, which is about the only way he can get credit for beating the old man. “That’s the goal,” trainer Freddie Roach said. The most likely scenario will see Pacquiao user his superior speed and skills to break down Mosley and be in a position to score a late knock out. The question might be less can he finish the job and more would he. Pacquiao seemed to hold back late in his fights against both Oscar De La Hoya and Antonio Margarito out compassion. That might be Mosley’s best hope of finishing the fight on his feet.


Photo / Craig Bennett-FightWireImages.com


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