Michael Rosenthal

3 reasons to be excited about Pacquiao-Mosley … and 3 reasons not to


Every fighter who steps into the ring accepts a degree of risk. It’s part of game. Sometimes, though, a fighter tempts fate but taking a fight for which he’s at a dangerous disadvantage. Margarito might’ve been one such fighter when he fought Pacquiao, whose compassion late in their fight might’ve saved the Mexican from even more significant injury. Mosley might also such a fighter. Many in the boxing community already worry about his well being. Some believe he’s beginning to slur his speech, painful evidence that his brain has taken a beating. And if he has slowed down, as appears to be the case, he could take a beating that will be difficult to watch against a fighting machine as efficient as Pacquiao. Mosley has faded skills to go with a good chin and unquestioned heart, a combination of factors that can lead to a disaster. Of course, we hope with all our heart that Mosley emerges unscathed no matter what the result is. We can’t help but to be concerned, though.


Photo / Craig Bennett-FightWireImages.com

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