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Roach: Pacquiao will always face danger because of his style


Freddie Roach said that Manny Pacquiao will always face extreme danger in the ring because he chooses to engage his opponents. That presumably will include Shane Mosley on May 7 in Las Vegas on pay-per-view television.

Pacquiao’s fight against Antonio Margarito in November was evidence of that. The Filipino icon won easily but took more punches than necessary because he willingly stood toe to toe with the bigger man.

The way to survive, Roach said, is to avoid recklessness.  In other words, fight hard but fight smart.

“Taking chances puts you in harm’s way,” Roach said, referring to Pacquiao’s tendency to engage. “That’s why Manny is the most exciting fighter in the world. I won’t take that away from him. When he lets his hands go, he leaves himself open. There is no perfect defense.

“Manny is going to throw a lot of combinations and Shane will come right back at him. That’s why this will be an exciting fight.”

But …

“We have a big challenge ahead of us,” Roach said. “Manny is motivated for a reason. It’s because it’s Shane Mosley. That means he respects him. … The way to go about attacking Shane is to have a lot of thought behind it.

“You walk in and attack him, you walk into fire. He’ll counter the hell out of you. And he has knockout power.”

Mosley has an impressive knockout rate – 39 KOs in 54 fights – but he built that record primarily early in his career. He started 38-0, with 35 knockouts. He is just 8-6-1 (and one no-contest), with four knockouts, since.

Still, he proved in a dismal performance against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in May of last year that he still can hurt an opponent, wobbling Mayweather in the second round. And his last two victories were KOs, against Ricardo Mayorga and Margarito.

Is the concept of Mosley stopping Pacquiao realistic?

“I don’t think there’s room for an upset but in boxing you never know,” Roach said.

Fight Camp 360°: An historic moment is scheduled for 8 p.m. PT / ET on Saturday, when an hour-long episode of Fight Camp 360° — Showtime's four-part documentary series on the fighters – will be televised on CBS, Showtime's parent company.

It’s been a long time since boxing has been featured at prime time on free network TV, even if it isn’t a live event.

“This is a significant event because boxing returns to prime time terrestrial television with this one-hour program,” promoter Bob Arum said. “Because of that, this is a real game changer.”

Arum and Co. are hoping that the exposure will translate to big pay-per-view numbers.

Pacquiao also is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, his fourth pre-fight appearance on the show.

The Kimmel show is on ABC, a rival to CBS.

“You understand that Manny continues to be on Kimmel rather than (David) Letterman, etc. That shows you the ties he has with Jimmy Kimmel,” Arum said.

And earlier Thursday Pacquiao will release his first U.S. single CD/DVD of Sometimes When We Touch, the 1977 hit song.

Pacquiao recorded the song with the same production team, including songwriter and original singer Dan Hill, and producers Matthew McCauley and Fred Mollin.  Pacquiao’s rendition is available on iTunes and Amazon.com. And a preview of Pacquiao’s latest recording can be heard at www.mannysings.com.

Inane calls? Arum, who has taken part in countless conference calls with the media over the years, obviously is exasperated.

He, Pacquiao and Roach answer the same questions over and over and over again. It gets old, even for a promoter who wants to get the word out so people will buy the fight on pay-per-view TV.

Arum let members of the media know his feelings as he was waiting for Pacquiao to join a call on Wednesday.

“We’re all talked out,” Arum said. “There is nothing more inane than these conference calls. Apparently Manny will take part. If he doesn’t he doesn’t. We’ve answered the same questions the last six months.”

There are more calls to come.

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