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Dear Doug,

With the inevitable departure of Floyd Mayweather Jr. from the P4P rankings now complete, there’s significant changes afoot at the top of the boxing world. Assuming Manny Pacquiao defeats Mosley on May 7th the top 10 should look like this:

1. Pacquiao

2. Martinez

3. Donaire

4. Marquez

5. Wonjongkam

6. Klitschko

7. Bradley

8. Segura

9. Ward

10. Cotto

Take the following as givens: Donaire needs either Agbeko or Mares, Klitschko needs Haye, Bradley needs Khan, Ward needs to win the Super Six and subsequently needs Bute if they all hope to advance up the list.

My question – who do Martinez, Marquez, Wonjongkam, Segura and Cotto need to do the same?

Massive fan of the Magazine and Website, think you all do a fantastic job. Regards. — Callum, England

Thanks for the kind words, Callum.

I agree that Donaire needs to fight another top 118-pound fighter to advance. He can’t go wrong with Agbeko or Mares (or ideally the winner of an eventual Agbeko-mares fight). I’d also like to see him face Vic Darchinyan again or a top 122-pound fighter, such as Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. (provided the Puerto Rican belt holder beat Jorge Arce tomorrow) or Guillermo Rigondeaux. The Bradley-Khan winner or the Ward-Bute winner (provide Ward wins the Super Six) could crash the pound-for-pound top three.

Anyway, to answer your question, I think Segura and Wonjongkam could fight each other at 112 pounds. The winner would move into top five territory.

Cotto could advance by beating a young gun such as Victor Ortiz, Saul Alvarez, or Andre Berto, or by defeating a respected veteran in impressive fashion. If Mosley does well against Pacquiao in a losing effort he can still make for an acceptable challenger to the Puerto Rican star. If Alfred Angulo ever gets his visa in order, he would also make for a respectable opponent for Cotto.

The middleweight and lightweight champs have less options in their own divisions. Martinez and Marquez are already pushing it at their age (36 and 37) in their respective weight classes but the road to their P4P advancement probably leads to challenging for a title in a higher weight class. Martinez vs. one of the 168-pound beltholders; Marquez vs. a 140-pound titleholder. Martinez would likely have a hard time with Ward or Bute, but I wouldn’t count him out against Stieglitz or Sartison. If Kelly Pavlik or Librado Andrade get their hands on the WBC title (and both guy are aiming for it), either would make for the perfect target for Maravilla’s third belt in a third weight class. Marquez can gain instant immortality in Mexico by beating Bradley, Khan or even Zab Judah for an unprecedented fourth divisional title. I think Khan is all wrong for JMM, but he might have enough left to pull off one more great performance against Bradley or Judah.




I read on Yahoo that Richardson is training Shane in Big Bear (which is no shock), but Bernard is preparing by himself in Philly for his fight two weeks later on 5/21! He will also have to get to Canada in advance to prepare, etc… So basically he will have had an entire camp by himself.

I do not like this for his chances in a rematch!

Your thoughts on this? Am I reading too much into this? — JCB

I see your point but I wouldn’t worry about Nard. He’s forgotten more about boxing than 90-percent of the so-called top trainers in the sport will ever learn.

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