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Pacquiao-Mosley results round-by-round report

The Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley welterweight fight did not live up to its high expectations, but the overall pay-per-view show was entertaining thanks to the thrilling co-feature between junior featherweight standout Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. and Mexican veteran Jorge Arce on the May 7 card from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Here's the live round-by-round call of the four bouts that were part of the Showtime PPV show:


Mike Alvarado-Ray Narh, junior welterweights, scheduled for 10 rounds:

1. Alvarado stalks Narh behind a high guard. Narh tries to establish his jab while moving. They tie up often. Narh connects with his jab more and lands an uppercut. Alvarado landed an uppercut with 20 seconds left. (Narh's round)

2. Alvarado connects with a power jab that buckles Narh's legs, but the Ghanaian landed a big right to answer back. Alvarado lands two chopping rights from mid-range as Narh tried to step forward with his jab. Alvarado backs Narh up with a body-head combination in the final 20 seconds. (Alvarado's round)

3. Alvarado is fighting at a much faster pace than he was in the first round and he's letting his hands go whenever he's in range. Narh is moving more without punching. Alvarado is throwing every punch with bad intentions. Narh's punches aren't being thrown with much conviction. (Alvarado's round)

4. The fight is over. Narh has elected to stay on his stool between the third and fourth rounds. Showtime commentator Antonio Tarver is raking him across the coals for the action (or inaction).

Alvarez wins by third-round TKO.


Kelly Pavlik-Alfonso Lopez, light heavyweights, 10 rounds:

1. Pavlik lands a left hook, his first punch of the fight. Lopez landed a hook in return in the opening seconds of the bout. Lopez is feinting and moving, which is smart against Pavlik. The former middleweight champ is trying to get his jab going as he inches forward. Lopez has fairly quick hands. He lands a three-punch combination with a minute to go. Pavlik lands right behind the head before the bell. (Lopez's round)

2. Lopez lands a hook-cross combination 30 seconds into the round. Pavlik, who hasn't fought since he lost to Sergio Martinez last April, appears to have ring rust. Lopez is showing effective lateral movement but Pavlik finally corners him with a minute to go. However, Lopez ties him up and pushes his way out. Lopez was warned for holding too much by referee Russell Mora. Pavlik lands a nice right but Lopez returns a four-punch combination in the final 10 seconds. (Lopez's round)

3. Lopez bulls his way forward during the opening minute of the round. Pavlik bangs his hip with right hands and looks for body shots as soon as he gets some room to operate. Pavlik looks like he's trying to up the volume of his punch output in this round. Lopez does more tying up than punching or moving in this round. Is he getting tired? Pavlik sneaks in a right hand and body shot before the bell. (Pavlik's round)

4. Pavlik has a cut on the outer edge of his right eye that was produced from an accidental headbutt. It was bound to happen with all the clinching in this bout so far. Lopez lets a three-punch combination go. none of the punches landed flush on Pavlik, but it probably got the judges' attention. Pavlik is trying to counter with his left hook but he's getting pushed back on his heels by Lopez, who lands a one-two. Pavlik is punching back but he's getting outworked by Lopez, who doesn't throw with a lot of power but let's his hands go with fluid speed when he punches. (Lopez's round)

5. Pavlik gets his long jab off and lands a cuffing right cross. However, Lopez still outhustles Pavlik with his light-impact combinations. Pavlik lands a nice hook-cross combination with good power in the final minute. Lopez looks like the right hands to the body Pavlik has been sneaking in are beginning to take a toll. (Pavlik's round)

6. Lopez is back to moving and looking to pot shot Pavlik on the fly, but Pavlik is ready for him with hard counter punches when ever he darts in. Pavlik hurts Lopez with a body punch. Pavlik backs Lopez to the ropes and lands a long-range right hand. He goes back to the body and hurts Lopez again to the midsection. Pavlik looks like he's in firm command of the fight now. (Pavlik's round)

7. Pavlik is now walking straight to Lopez and working the undefeated Texan's body on the inside. Pavlik is also timing Lopez with counter punches from mid-range, especially with his hook. Lopez gets off with combinations, but his punches are very light. Lopez gets a breather from Mora after Pavlik whacks him with a low blow (hook). Lopez resumes round with gusto but Pavlik matches his activity. (Pavlik's round) 

8. The two tall lanky light heavies are exchanging throughout the round. It's a close round. Lopez is more active, but Pavlik blocks well and lands the heavier shots. (Even)

9. Lopez begins round circling to his right (away from Pavlik's left hook). Lopez then moves to his left and lands some very nice combinations. Pavlik bulls Lopez back and lands a left and just misses with a straight right. Lopez peppers Pavlik with quick shots in close. Lopez is outworking Pavlik by a significant margin in this round. Pavlik is throwing one punch at a time. (Lopez's round)

10. Win, lose or draw, Lopez has acquitted himself well in this fight. He takes it to Pavlik in the first minute of the final round. Pavlik lands huge hook that buckles Lopez's legs mid-round. Lopez is now on his bicycle. Pavlik gets in another left followed by a right that appears to stun Lopez.  Pavlik lands a few more hooks, but Lopez takes the shots. Pavlik lands a pair of looping right hands that Lopez takes, but the underdog is now losing this round. Pavlik is finishing strong as he needs to. (Pavlik's round)

Pavlik wins a majority decision by scores 95-95, 98-92, 99-91. Tarver scored it 96-95 for Pavlik (as I did); Showtime commentator Al Bernstein scored it 96-94 for Pavlik. 


Wilfredo Vazquez Jr.-Jorge Arce, WBO 122-pound title bout, 12 rounds:

1. Both fighters begin the match on their toes popping crisp jabs. Vazquez is moving between his punches. Arce is in stalking mode. Both fighters land left hooks. Arce lands a left hook to the body while Vazquez is on the ropes. Arce gets a sweeping hook in to the head and appears to stun Vazquez, who holds on. Arce puts his punches together whenever he has Vazquez's body against the ropes. (Arce's round)

2. Vazquez starts round fast and aggressive, backs Arce up, but the Mexican vet rages back by the end of the first minute. Arce gets Vazquez on the ropes and lands a hook to the body. Vazquez spins off rope and gets on his toes. Vazquez gets in a one-two combination. Arce gets in two sweeping hooks and a right cross that appeared to get Vazquez's respect. Close round but Arce's aggression controlled most of the action. (Arce's round)

3. Arce continues to bull his way forward lobbing hard, looping shots at Vazquez's body. Vazquez is jabbing and moving well as he looks for opening to counter Arce. however, Arce lands a hard right followed by two hooks. Vazquez lands a hook in return. Arce is bleeding a lot over the bridge of his nose but he's fighting effectively. The 31-year-old former titleholder is outworking Vazquez. (Arce's round) 

4. Vazquez tries to stand and trade with Arce early on, lands a nice jab-straight right from long range. Vazquez sneaks jab in between Arce's wide shots. The 26-year-old Puerto Rican beltholder is also blocking and catching punches with his gloves as he moves. This is a much better round for Vazquez with a minute to go. Arce keeps his pressure on but Vazquez remains in control, and catches his antagonist with a left hook that drops the Mexican vet just before the bell. (Vazquez's round, 10-8)

5. Vazquez sticking and moving with confidence now. Arce is still bulling forward but not throwing as much as he did in previous rounds. Vazquez blocks and counters well in close. He's looking to land another left hook. Arce gets some right hands in just before the bell. (Vazquez's round)

6. Arce works a jab on his way in close to Vazquez. They clash heads accidentally, which sparks an extended conversation with referee Joe Cortez (in Spanish, of course) as they fight on. Vazquez continues to parry punches with his right glove and work his own jab, but he's not very busy in this round, but he gets in a nice right cross with 30 seconds left. Arce lands a right in return. (Arce's round)

7. Arce tries working his jab to Vazquez's body, but Vazquez counters with authority. The trade huge hooks after Vazquez pushes Arce to the ropes. Arce has slowed down but he's still more active than Vazquez, who is more choosey with his punches. Vazquez gets in counter hooks and crosses as Arce tries to press him with a two-fisted attack. (Vazquez's round)

8. Arce bulls Vazquez to the ropes and goes to work. He's not very accurate with his punches but he makes a statement to the judges. Vazquez is boxing well in spots but he's in danger of losing close rounds to Arce because he's not as active or aggressive as the underdog. Arce lands a nice hook with a minute to go. Arce continues to take chances to the bell, Vazquez is ready to counter his every rush. (Arce's round) 

9. Arce pushes Vazquez to the canvas a minute into the round. Arce tries to put a three-punch combination together but gets countered with a left hook. Vazquez's counter hook has been his primary weapon of this close fight. Arce is lunging in more and more with his punches. Vazquez catches him with short hook at the bell. (Vazquez's round)

10. Vazquez's appears to be the fresher of the two in a very close fight. Vazquez lands a hook and uppercut as Arce lunges in with his hands down. Vazquez is containing Arce's offense with his footwork and counter punching in the final two minutes of the round. Arce finishes the round with a flurry of punches. (Vazquez's round)

11. The trade hooks mid-round, Arce pushes him to the ropes as they clinch and grapple. Arce rocks Vazquez across the ring with a shotgun jab and then swarms the younger man along the ropes. Arce continues to work Vazquez over through the final minute as the young beltholder uses the ropes to keep himself upright. (Arce's round)

12. Arce hurts Vazquez early in the round and jumps on the young titleholder like a man possessed. Vazquez does not hold or punch back with any sort of authority, but his legs remain as Arce pummels him with clubbing shots to the face. Vazquez's father, former three-division titleholder Wilfredo Sr., throws in the towel, ending the fight 59 seconds into the final round and abdicating the WBO 122-pound belt to Arce.

Arce wins by 12th-round technical stoppage.

Some will probably criticize Vazquez Sr., but he should be commended for looking out for his son's health. Fans and media often criticize boxing fathers for not safe-guarding their sons in the ring. Give this father, who knows what it's like to be in a ring war, some credit.

What a victory for Arce, who probably punched his ticket into the International Boxing Hall of Fame tonight.


Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley, WBO welterweight title bout, 12 rounds:

1. Both vets start out cautiously, pawing with their jabs. Mosley lands a crisp jab. Pacquiao answers with a quick one-two. Pacquiao grazes with a hook lands a body shot. Mosley lands a right to the body. Pacquiao lands a left to the body in return. P is staying right in front of Mosley, who gets a right in with 25 seconds left. (Mosley's round)

2. Both fighters pick up the pace. Pacquiao is on his toes more even though he's coming forward. Pacquiao tries to set Mosley up with his hook by punching to the body with his left. Mosley is staying very composed and drops a one-two mid-round. Pacquiao drops a three-punch combination. Referee Kenny Bayless warns both fighters to watch the head butts. Pacquiao lands a one-two with 35 sec left. Pacquiao seems to be gaining confidence as he lands two more one-twos before the bell. (Pacquiao's round)

3. They trade straight power shots to the midsection in the first minute. Pacquiao gets in two lefts that back Mosley up. Pacquiao drops Mosley with a right hook-left cross combination with a minute to go. Mosley gets up at "six." Pacquiao measures Mosley for his straight left, but the 39-year-old vet holds on to clear his head and run out the clock. (Pacquiao's round, 10-8)

4. Pacquiao is now the clear aggressor as he stalks Mosley, who still doesn't seem to be on steady legs. Mosley appears unsure of himself but he snuck a right hand in while Pacquiao launched a three-punch combo mid-round. Pacquiao works his jab as he looks to land his straight left. Mosley lands a grazing hook with 19 seconds left, but Pacquiao is able to back him up with feints. (Pacquiao's round)

5. Pacquiao lands a cuffing hook to start the round. His aggression and activity is containing Mosley so far. Mosley backs away from Pacquiao for most of the round, although he occasionally stops to throw single right hands to the body. Pacquiao walks Mosley down, but he's not breaking the veteran down. Mosley got a hook in with 10 seconds left. (Pacquiao's round)

6. Mosley lands a nice jab early, but Pacquiao answers him with four hard shots in return. Mosley tries to get his jab going even as Pacquiao backs him up. Pacquiao dares Mosley to hit his body mid-round, but the older man won't open up. Pacquiao covers up to lure Mosley in. The crowd boos the lack of action. Mosley landed a head-snapping jab just before the bell. (Pacquiao's round)

7. Mosley appears to be standing his ground more early in this round, however, there isn't much action. The crowd begins to boo again mid-way through the round. Pacquiao's punch output has fallen off, although he's still working more than Mosley, landing single power shots to the body and head as he walks to the veteran. (Pacquiao's round)

8. The boos can be heard at the start of the round. Pacquiao responds by letting his hands go. Mosley's upper body movement spares him from catching flush shots. Mosley is not throwing punches, however. He jabs every now and then, sometimes just puts his left hand out to keep Pacquiao at bay, but he's not taking the chance of dropping any power shots. Mosley finally threw a right hand with 15 seconds left in a very uneventful round. (Pacquiao's round)

9. Pacquiao lands hard left one minute into the round. Mosley is only backing up when he gets caught in this round. Pacquiao is getting sloppy with his attack. Can Mosley take advantage of it? WILL he try? Pacquiao lands a good hook while he thinks about it. Mosley lands a jab and straight right to the body, but there is not much on his punches. Pacquiao lands to the body just before the bell. (Pacquiao's round)

10. Pacquiao steps up his pace a bit in this round. He looks like he's measuring Mosley for something big. Pacquiao goes down from a questionable punch but Bayless is giving him a count, which injects some energy into this fight. Pacquiao wants show that he's not hurt by taking it to Mosley, who backs away. (Mosley, 10-9, despite the bogus knockdown)

11. Pacquiao aggressively steps to Mosley, lands big left hand forcing the older man to retreat. Pacquiao lands a hard hook, harder left, then bangs his gloves together as if to say "Let's FIGHT!" Pacquiao backs Mosley up with jabs. Mosley paws with his left as he backs away. (Pacquiao's round)

12. Pacquiao takes his foot off the gas pedal. Perhaps Freddie Roach told him to play it safe between rounds. He lands two hard straight lefts to Mosley's stomach. Pacquiao catches Mosley with a hook-cross combination. (Pacquiao's round).

Pacquiao wins a unanimous decision by lopsided scores of 119-108, 120-108, and 120-107.

Mosley tells Pacquiao that he's "the real pound-for-pound king" after the fight.

Pacquiao says he wasn't as mobile or active because of leg cramps, similar to his first fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. He said the knockdown was from a "lucky shot" and that he was being careful because of Molsley's speed and power. 

Pacquiao says he doesn't care if he ever fights Floyd Mayweather Jr. He's satisfied with his career and legacy.

Mosley says Pacquiao's power surprised him, but asserts that he can still "get in there with young guys" and do "what he does." Just not against fighter of Pacquiao's caliber. "Manny is an exceptional fighter," he said.

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