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Mayweather and Ortiz won’t be fighting each other any time soon

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz’s manager confirmed that the two have no plans to fight this fall in Dallas, as has been reported. Both fighters are preoccupied by other things at the moment.

"You're constantly hearing different rumors that Floyd is fighting this guy, Floyd is fighting that guy," Mayweather told "At this particular time, I'm not fighting anyone."

He went on:  "Absolutely not! Absolutely not! I think Victor Ortiz … he's a young, strong fighter, but the thing is, the stories you hear are lies, lies, lies, period!"

Rolando Arellano, Ortiz’s manager, said a simple comment by Mayweather’s uncle/trainer Roger grew out of control.

“Roger Mayweather was asked who Floyd would fight,” Arellano said. “He said Victor. And he said it would cool to do it at Cowboys Stadium. That spread like a wild fire.

“The confetti hasn’t settled from our previous fight (against Andre Berto). We’re doing some great promotional stuff right now. That’s it.”

Ortiz hiked his stock with an impressive decision over Berto in an action-packed fight on April 16.

He is still celebrating.

Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas – Ortiz’s native state – honored him with a proclamation on Tuesday. Last week, he was given the key to the city of Lawrence, Kansas.

Next week he’s off to New York for a photo shoot with noted sports photographer Howard Schatz. Next Tuesday, he is scheduled to shoot a public service announcement for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

On May 18, he will receive the key to the city in Ventura, Calif. And on the 19th or 20th he is supposed to shoot a music video for his single on ITunes. And then he’ll be going on vacation.

Think Ortiz is busy?

“He’s the next big story,” Arellano said. “He’s the American dream. He goes by the mantra: It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up. And, boy, did he get up.”

Mayweather has been idle since outpointing Shane Mosley in May 2010 and currently is facing court battles that include a lawsuit filed by a bouncer who claims a member of Floyd's entourage choked him, assault and grand larceny charges filed by the mother of his children, charges that he threatened the lives of two security officers who were ticketing his vehicles, and charges that he poked a security guard in the face outside his gated community.


Dennis Taylor is editor/publisher of and co-host of The Ringside Boxing Show.

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