Michael Rosenthal

10 fighters who had productive post-40 careers


Fights: 44 (one no-contest)

Wins: 30

Losses: 10

Draws: 3

Title fights: 0-0

Summary: Robinson is generally considered the best boxer who ever lived, a flawless fighter in his prime. However, after 40, he was merely a very good fighter who never had the opportunity to fight for a major title.

“Many people consider Robinson the greatest of all time for a lot of reasons. One of them was timing. He was still great things (after 40) but the timing wasn’t there. That’s what he lost,” said publicist Bill Caplan, who attended a number of Robinson’s training camps as a boy.

The original Sugar Ray had his moments after 40. He split two fights with capable Denny Moyer, he outpointed Ralph Dupas and he gave future Hall of Famer Joey Giardello a tough time in defeat but he never had a single important victory.

Robinson was 44 for his last fight, against Joey Archer in 1965. He was competitive but went down in the fourth round and lost a one-sided decision.

“He was still fantastic to watch, though. He was always fantastic to watch,” Caplan said.

Robinson lost more than half of his 19 career losses after the big 4-0.

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