Dennis Taylor

Klitschko dares Haye to wear tasteless T-shirt again

RING heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko told the London media earlier this week that he was offended by David Haye's T-shirt, bearing the likeness of the severed heads both Klitschko brothers, and dared his rival to don the shirt again at a future press conference.

Klitschko is scheduled to fight the WBA beltholder on July 2 in Hamburg, Germany.

"The T-shirt business showing him with our heads off was totally stupid and ridiculous," Klitschko told David Anderson of The Mirror, a London-based newspaper. "He pissed me off as I don't want to see my relatives with their heads off.

"I strongly believe he feels really bad about it now, even if he says he has no regrets," the Ukrainian continued. "If he had no regrets he would wear that T-shirt one more time. But he doesn't want to wear the T-shirt, as he knows it was stupid. I know David Hay will hear what I have said, so I say to him, 'If you don't feel bad about it, put that T-shirt on at our next press conference.'"

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