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Haye swaps infamous T-shirt for provocative video game

That infamous T-shirt, featuring the decapitated heads of the two Klitschko brothers, will never be seen on David Haye again.

Not that the British heavyweight is suddenly worried about winding up Wladimir Klitschko a little too much for his own good ahead of their July 2 title-unification showdown in Hamburg. Perish any such thought.

No, as far as Haye is concerned, the controversial T-shirt is now old hat and has been replaced by a new iPhone game, in which he takes the head off a Klitschko look-alike with one of his trademark right hooks.

Asked if he will accept the Ukrainian’s recent dare to wear the tasteless top when he arrives in Germany later this month, the WBA titleholder explained there is simply no need.

“I have actually gone one better this time round and developed the ‘David Haye’s Knockout’ game, where you can see me knocking off a big eastern European’s head,” said Haye. “It‘s selling well at the iPhone store. Wladimir didn’t like seeing me with that decapitated-heads shirt. …Well, now he’s got this, where he can see me punching it clean off. Very tasteful.

“If the T-shirt upset him, then knowing that there are millions of people around the world playing this game is going to really upset him!”

Meanwhile, Haye has complimented Klitshcko, the WBO and IBF titleholder, for trying to be relatively entertaining throughout the build-up to their eagerly-anticipated grudge clash.

“One thing I’ve noticed about Wladimir is that he’s doing a lot more than he usually does, ” said the 30-year-old south Londoner. “Normally, he is the most uninteresting person you could think of. But this time he’s actually been quite funny. He must have had some personality lessons or whatever to change the image. He’s very concerned what people think about him and he wants everybody to like him.

“But I don‘t care less about all that. I don’t need to promote the fight because it sells itself and everybody knows who I am, the WBA champion. I just want to make sure I am ready to knock his head off!”

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