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Mayweather seeks delay of Pacquiao deposition

Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn't have to face Manny Pacquiao in the ring for now, and he's hoping to postpone their confrontation in the courtroom, too.

Lawyers for the unbeaten boxer have filed an emergency request asking a U.S. District Court judge in Nevada to postpone the deposition he is expected to give Friday for the lawsuit filed by Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather is hoping to delay the proceeding until after his September fight against Victor Ortiz on the basis that his attorney is not available for Friday's hearing, and that Mayweather needs to focus on his upcoming bout.

"Mr. Mayweather Jr. needs to concentrate on training for the fight and not be distracted by preparing for, and testifying at, his deposition in this case," his lawyers wrote.

A deposition takes place outside the courthouse, where lawyers for Pacquiao will be permitted to question Mayweather, who will be under oath.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Floyd Mayweather Sr., and Roger Mayweather have repeatedly implied that Pacquiao is using performance-enhancing drugs, pointing to the fact that Pacquiao began his pro career at 106 pounds and has won seven titles in a record seven weight classes, retaining his speed and power throughout that rise.

"Manny Pacquiao's achievements come from God-given talent an an indefatigable work ethic — not steroids," his attorney, Daniel Petrocelli said when the suit was filed in December. "He cannot and will not allow others to deliberately misrepresent his years of hard work and tarnish his reputation.

"We had no choice but to file this lawsuit," Petrocelli continued. "He's had an unblemished reputation. You cannot accuse and athlete of cheating. It's the worst possible thing you can do to an athlete. They knew he didn't take any performance-enhancing drugs and they made these statements anyway."

Petrocelli said the damages being sought are "in the tens of millions."

Pacquiao filed a defamation of character lawsuit after Mayweather implied that he has used performance-enhancing drugs. Mayweather's company and his family members also are named in the litigation, but Golden Boy Promotions has been dropped from the suit.

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