Dennis Taylor

Booth nearly arrested?

Adam Booth, trainer of David Haye, was nearly arrested Saturday while his fighter was in combat with Wladimir Klitschko according to The Daily Star.
Booth reported that he tussled with a German cameraman who was positioned in Haye's corner. The trainer said it was one of a series of dirty tricks designed to throw Haye off his game.
"During rounds one and two there was a cameraman in my corner," Booth told the UK newspaper. "I couldn't see anything.
"I kept shoving him and gave him a dead leg, and then the police were called and they threatened to have me arrested. All I could do was punch his leg to get him out of the way."
Booth said a person working for the German company broadcasting the fight sent police to the corner while the fight was in progress.
"He was dragged away from my corner, then someone from our team grabbed hold of the cameraman's TV cable to keep him away," Booth said.
Haye lost a lopsided unanimous decision to Klitschko in the 12-round title unification bout.

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