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It’s easy to remember the names of Russell Sr.’s seven sons, all named Gary

When unbeaten featherweight Gary Russell Jr. enters the ring to fight Eric Estrada on the Amir Khan-Zab Judah undercard Saturday in Las Vegas, he will have plenty of supporters – some of whom will be family members.

That starts with Russell Jr.'s chief second, his father, Gary Russell Sr., who has at one time or another trained all seven of his sons in the sweet science.

And the names of his sons are easy to remember – they’re all Gary, a la George Foreman and his sons named George.

Russell Jr. (16-0, 10 knockouts) is the premiere prospect among of the siblings, the eldest being 33-year-old super middleweight Gary Antonio Jones (21-2, 8 KOs). Junior, 23, is a former U.S. Olympian.

In this Q&A, Gary Russell Sr. discusses his intriguing family of fighters.

RingTV.com: You have five sons or six?

Gary Russell Sr.: Actually, I have seven.

RingTV.com: Can you list each of them for me by age and their full name?

GRS: All of them are Gary.

RingTV.com: So each and every one of them is named Gary?

GRS: Every last one of them.

RingTV.com: What inspired you to name all of them Gary?

GRS: Actually, when my wife, Lawan, and I were married, we made an agreement that we would have all of the boys be named after me and any girls would be named after her. Lawan miscarried on her first and had a boy on the second attempt.

Then we had another boy, and so we said, “Well, we'll just keep going with the names of Gary.”

RingTV.com: So can you list your sons in order from oldest to youngest?

GRS: The first one is Gary Allen Russell Jr., who is 23. He's the oldest and he is the one who is fighting on Saturday night. The second oldest is the Gary Allen III. We call him Allen, and he's 21. Then you have Gary Antonio Russell, and he's 18. After that, you have Gary Darick, who is 17.

Then after him, I have a 15-year-old who is Gary Antoine. Then after him, we have my 10-year-old, Gary Isaiah. Now I did not tell you that they have an older sibling Gary Antonio Jones, who is 33. Gary Antonio Jones boxes as a professional super middleweight. We're waiting for him to get another fight next month.

RingTV.com: Am I to understand that most of them are southpaws?

GRS: Well, among the younger six, Darick is the one who fights out of an orthodox stance. The rest of them are all left-handed fighters. Actually, Darick doesn't box any more. He's playing basketball. Also, Gary Jones doesn't fight as a southpaw either. He also fights out of a conventional stance. 

RingTV.com: So have you trained all of them?

GRS: Yes I do. Actually, not all of them, because Gary Jones is now residing in Georgia. I have trained him, but I haven't recently trained him.

RingTV.com: Which ones are amatuers?

GRS: Gary Allen III, Gary Antonio Russell and Antoine are all amateurs. Antoine is fighting 114, Antonio is at 123, and Gary Allen III is at 141. But right now, they're just getting better as amateurs, the way that Gary Jr. did. Gary Jr. is laying the groundwork for them. Eventually, they're going to follow in his footsteps and turn professional.

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