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Schaefer on Mares-Agbeko, Mora and the rematch

Golden Boy Promotions' CEO Richard Schaefer, who handles Abner Mares, said on Wednesday that he is working on a second fight between his fighter and Joseph Agbeko for December after the IBF ordered an immediate rematch.

Schaefer also took exception to those who have labeled Russell Mora a "Golden Boy Referee" after Mora failed to penalize Mares for repeated low blows in his majority-decision victory over Agbeko on Saturday in Las Vegas, which cost Agbeko his IBF bantamweight title.

Schaefer said he spoke to Showtime's Ken Hershman on Wednesday morning about the rematch.

Below are Schaefer's first comments on the Mares-Agbeko controversy and other topics.

On the notion that Mora is a "Golden Boy" referee:

"First of all, I saw the attacks on the referee. You know I really think that it's sort of interesting. How many times has Golden Boy been on the short end of disputed decisions? This is just absolutely [crazy.]

"So we get once a call in our favor, and everybody is up in arms, even people suggesting that these ridiculous comments that the ref is a Golden Boy referee and things like that?

"This is really insulting and I feel insulted by that. The fact is that everybody, and I don't care what job you are in, everybody has a bad day at the office once in a while. He had a bad day at the office.

"I read somewhere that Mora reviewed the replay and that he felt that it was a low blow as well, and you know what? That's really all that there is to it.

"So I feel that these people who are suggesting these things and attacking Mora, they should just really be able to move on and get a life."

On the fight itself:

"As it relates to the fight, it was a hard-fought fight and a close fight. I just felt that Abner Mares wanted it a little bit more than Joseph Agbeko.

"Was there some controversy? Of course there was some controversy, and I'm not going to deny that. So the fact that Abner defended his WBC Silver Belt and fought for the IBF world title and won, first of all,  I want to congratulate Abner. You can't blame the fighter, and so he got the decision.

On Mares' draw with Yonnhy Perez in May of last year:

"I remember when we were at the Staples Center against Yonnhy Perez, most people in attendance felt that Abner Mares won that fight, and it didn't go his way. It was a draw.

"But Abner was classy and he said, 'OK, there's going to be another night.' So he came back and he won the world title. I'm very proud of Abner, and I'm proud of what he stands for and what he has accomplished. I'm really honored that he is with Golden Boy."

On the IBF's order and the potential for Mares-Agbeko II:

"Well, you know, I think that fight fans want to see a rematch. Yes they want to see a rematch. Every time that you have controversy and you have unanswered questions, people like to get the answers.

"I think that since the IBF has ordered a rematch, then, you know, we have no problem with that. As a matter of fact, I was already on the call with [Showtime's] Ken Hershman this morning.

"Showtime is certainly interested in doing a rematch, and we're going to be talking later on today. And tomorrow, actually, I'm going to be talking to Abner.

"We're having a victory party for Abner tomorrow here in Los Angeles, and so I'm going to see him. The plan would be, if we can get it together, that the rematch for the fight would be in December. So I'm all over it.

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