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R. Mayweather addresses Ortiz, rift between Floyd Sr. and Jr.

LAS VEGAS — RingTV.com conducted a Q&A with Roger Mayweather, the uncle and trainer of unbeaten five-division titleholder Floyd Mayweather Jr., who will challenge WBC welterweight beltholder Victor Ortiz on Saturday night at the MGM Grand.

The 49-year-old trainer expressed his thoughts on Ortiz, as well as Floyd Jr.'s ongoing feud with his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Roger replaced Floyd Sr. for good as his nephew's trainer following his 23rd fight, a 12-round unanimous decision over Gregorio Vargas in March of 2000.

Roger Mayweather contends that he trained Floyd Jr. throughout the most meaningful portion of his professional career, starting while Floyd Sr. was in jail, having been been convicted of illegal drug trafficking in 1993.

Floyd Sr. was Floyd Jr.'s trainer when the fighter won his first title in his 18th fight with an eighth-round knockout of then-WBC junior lightweight titleholder Genaro Hernandez in October of 1998.

Roger Mayweather discussed his view of Ortiz, the feud between father and son, and his thoughts on why Floyd Jr. chose to work with the uncle over the parent.

RingTV.com: Do you see Ortiz coming to go to war and attack Floyd Jr.?

Roger Mayweather: If he comes to fight like that, then he's going to get knocked out. In fact, he is going to get knocked out. If he truly wants to win, then, I mean, he's talked that talk.

He complains about mother f—king people disrespecting him, then, mother f—ker stop disrespecting my nephew. It's up to you. But he ain't never done s–t. Mother f—ker. Who did he ever beat anyway? What fighter did he beat?

RingTV.com: What do you most enjoy about training Floyd Jr.?

RM: The reason that I train my nephew is that me and him get along well. There's this chemistry that we have. We just get along. His dad, you know, he's too busy wanting to be in the cameras.

It's all about being in the cameras to him. But I don't care about the cameras. The cameras I don't worry about. My thing is this: Floyd is the fighter and Floyd is the boxer.

Floyd is the star. My days of boxing are over, so I don't want no mother f—king cameras. All I need to do is to make him do what he do in the ring, and that's win. That's it.

RingTV.com: Do you believe that Floyd Sr. and Floyd Jr. will ever resolve their issues?

RM: My thing is this: His father says to his son, 'Well I trained you this way, and I did that.' I know that you gave your son the ability. Nobody is saying that you didn't give your son the ability.

I don't try to take over and say that I trained your son. But the one thing that I do take: Your son made more money with me than any mother f—ker out there. More than he made with you.

So when you start talking about all that you done, at this time of his boxing career, what's your son's biggest win? That was the Diego Corrales fight. We beat Diego Corrales.

Plus, my brother never prepared him to fight a good southpaw. We beat Zab Judah, who is a southpaw. We beat Sharmba Mitchell, who was a southpaw.

We beat DeMarcus Corley, who is a southpaw. We beat all them mother f—kers. We beat them back to back. So this guy Ortiz is a southpaw. My brother can't prepare him to beat no southpaw.

So, my thing is this, I don't take nothing from his dad for what his dad has done. But he talks like he done every mother f—king thing. What do you think that I've done?

RingTV.com: How long have you been Floyd's trainer?

RM: My nephew was [14-0 with 12 knockouts] with me. But if you believe his daddy, I ain't done nothing. He think I didn't do s–t. So what did I do? I don't know s–t?

He's like, 'You going to get my son knocked out.' I'm like, 'how am I going to get your son knocked out?' The whole thing of it is this: Don't be hating on me.

If you hate on me, you know, your son never really wanted to train with you any way.

RingTV.com: Did he tell you that?

RM: Yep. He said, 'I want you to train me. 'I said, 'Nope, you go with your daddy. Your daddy's out [of jail], you go and train with him. Now if things don't work out between you and your daddy, then you just come back to me.

Just like that. He came back to me, and we started whuppin a–.We  whupped Zab Judah's a–, Sharmba Mitchell's a–, we whupped all those mother f—ker's a–es. That's the way that it was, and that's why my nephew stayed with me.

RingTV.com: Do you believe that their most recent rift will resolve itself and end with a reconciliation?

RM: No. It ain't going to resolve itself because his daddy is a control freak. And when you're a control freak, that's what you do. That's how it goes.


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