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Dougie’s Friday Mayweather-Ortiz mailbag



Hey Doug,

When the fight between Mayweather and Ortiz was announced I was driving the Ortiz bandwagon. But with fight night days away I‘m beginning to think Victor’s chances are just comparable to those of the 41 who tried before him. I can see Victor catching him early. Ortiz is quick and has power in both hands since he is a natural righty, and Floyd has had “some” difficulties with southpaws in the past. But Mayweather knows how to keep his cool and has taken shots before. Ortiz often squares up and really slowed down in the second half against Berto, but he got away with it because Berto’s less skilled and his cardio was subpar. I don’t think he will be able to get away with either of those against Floyd who has been one of the most sound fighters over the last two decades and showed against Marquez that with a proper training camp there is no ring rust.

It pains me to say it because of his abrasive attitude, but I have a feeling Mayweather survives an early storm, and may even pick himself off the canvas en route to a late KO. Also if, and it’s a big if, Floyd were to face Khan and Pacquiao I would pick Mayweather too.

Look forward to reading the Friday and Monday mailbags. — Petro

Mayweather by late TKO or even cold-ass KO would not shock me, either, Petro. Ortiz catches a lot and his awkward style sometimes causes him to lunge into an opponent’s shots (and we saw what Mayweather did to Ricky Hatton, who had a bad habit of doing that). Look how often Maidana and Lamont Peterson nailed Ortiz with right hands. Now, having said that, Maidana, who’s a feral badass throwback, had to get up from three knockdowns and wear down the 22-year-old version of Ortiz to a sixth-round stoppage. Peterson couldn’t deck, seriously hurt or even wobble Ortiz.

So who knows? Maybe Ortiz walks through Mayweather’s best right hands and beats the s__t out of the loudmouth. We’ll see. I’m picking Mayweather to win a decision, but as the fight gets closer, the more I think Ortiz can really pull it off, maybe in sensational fashion. I didn’t give him much of a chance when the fight was first announced but something about his attitude and demeanor in recent weeks has won me over to an extent.

(By the way, Mayweather has fought, and defeated, 40 opponents, not 41. He fought JL Castillo twice.)



What up Doug!! Just real (not so) quick…

1. I’m starting to believe that Floyd’s “Money Character” really is false. During the Conan interview, he seemed shy and humble except when speaking about boxing and Pacquiao.

2. I think Vicious is Mayweather’s biggest challenge of his career, or at least since Corrales.

3. Vicious has a very real and legitimate chance of being VICTOR-ious come Saturday 😉 what do you think?

4. This is the biggest boxing “event” since De la Hoya vs Trinidad, hands down! Enormous! And worthy of the $60 price tag

5. Best 24/7 series yet

6. I can’t contain my excitement!! WHOOHOOO

All the best friend!! — Adrian H, Milwaukee, WI

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Adrian. Nice to hear from a fan in Wisconsin. I’ll answer your “hits” in order:

1. I agree that Mayweather’s “Money” character is just a made-up persona to polarize fans and media and sell fights. However, I still think he’s an immature a__hole.

2. I think Ortiz is the most talented fighter Mayweather has faced since Zab Judah and the most skilled larger fighter he’s fought since Oscar De La Hoya. If Ortiz was as durable as Jose Luis Castillo, Floyd would really be in trouble.

3. I think you’re right.

4. I disagree. It’s a big event, but it doesn’t have the magnitude of De La Hoya vs. Trinidad or Mayweather.

5. I’ve been watching the series and I’ve enjoyed it for the most part but I’m bored with the Mayweather clan.

6. I’m not quite that excited, but I’m glad you are.



Good morning Mr Fischer,
I have a few thoughts I wanted to share with your mailbag regarding Saturday's fight in Vegas.

I have been watching Victor Ortiz's last 3 fights and I have made a few observations which must have been obvious to Floyd Mayweather too, hence the fight.

His conditioning needs to be even greater than Floyd's if he is to stand a chance. Jumping up in weight might make life at training camp a little easier, but if he comes into that ring at 160+ like he did with Berto. Then he will be the 42nd victim.

My last thought is that he cannot underestimate Floyd based on his win against Berto. Even at his rustiest, Floyd is still way better than Berto. So, Ortiz, needs to catch Floyd early. However, that might work against him if he doesn't have the gas to finish the job.
In the words of brother Nazeem, "when he gets hit on the mouth, he will turn into a dragon".

I will be up at the crack of dawn for this and hope it will be worth it. Thanks for the platform Mr. Fischer. — Themba, Johannesburg

Thanks for penning your opinion for me, Themba. It’s great to get an email from a fan in South Africa.

I agree with everything you brought up. However, I don’t think Ortiz is underestimating Mayweather. I don’t know if his conditioning will exceed or match Mayweather’s but I think his stamina will be better than it was for the Berto fight. For starters, his body is more acclimated to the heavier weight. Also, he’s gotten through the mental hurdle of fighting 12 rounds. He’d never been past 10 prior to the Berto fight, so that fact, plus the crazy pace of the first half of the bout, probably caused him to hold back in the later rounds.

In other words, I expect Ortiz to fight a fast but measured pace and I don’t believe he’ll fade too much in the late rounds, which means the fight will mostly likely be worth getting up at the crack of dawn to watch.

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