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Dougie’s Friday Mayweather-Ortiz mailbag



Long time reader (going back to your HOB days). First time writing in so I hope this makes your mailbag. Let me just say that in my opinion, you are the Michael Jordan of boxing writers (G.O.A.T)!! On to my question now:

Here's what I don't understand: Why do people love to criticize Floyd for hand picking opponents but not criticize Manny for fighting the exact same guys AFTER Mayweather has beaten them: Oscar, Hatton, Mosley, and now Marquez? Not to mention guys like Margarito and Clottey that were coming off losses. Media and fans seem to give Manny a pass just because he's an affable guy. Would love to get an educated and highly respected opinion.

Keep up the outstanding work!

(P.s. Mayweather TKO 10 Ortiz. Mayweather is the sharpest and most accurate puncher in boxing. Ortiz is hittable. Mayweather proved himself as a legit welterweight against Mosley. Ortiz…too green. He'll have his moments but Floyd stops him late.) — Ron from Chicago

Thanks Ron. It’s nice to get an email from someone who remembers I don’t agree with my being the “Michael Jordan” of boxing writers, but I believe that HOB (circa 2000-early 2001) is the Chicago Bulls (circa 1990-’93; ‘95-’97) of boxing websites.

I think Pacquiao is beginning to get some criticism for his choice of opposition, at least from hardcore fans and members of the media. He’s never going to be totally trashed by the media (because of his past accomplishments and because he is, as you noted, such an affable guy) and he’ll always have his diehard Filipino followers to back him up on message boards and boxing forums, but his place at the top of the 147-pound and pound-for-pound rankings is in jeopardy.

Pacquiao isn’t getting ripped for facing Floyd’s leftovers because he’s defeated them in more exciting and dominating fashion than Mayweather did. However, if Mayweather beats Ortiz (especially in the fashion that you predict) and Pacquiao struggles at all with Marquez, I can see Floyd overtake the Pac-Monster in the welterweight and P4P ratings. And Mayweather will also receive a healthy dose of retroactive respect for his performance against Marquez, which he says he doesn’t get enough credit for.

However, I should note that I expect Pacquiao to handle Marquez in Novemer, and I don’t consider the Mexican master to be “Mayweather leftovers” because he fought Marquez before Floyd did (twice and at more competitive weights).



Hi Doug

I just wanted to hear your thoughts on Jessie Vargas. Being a Brit and apart from seeing a couple of vids on YouTube I am pretty much unfamiliar with the young prospect. I hear he has been calling out Amir Khan. Do you think he would be ready anytime soon on taking any rich vein top ten Junior Welterweight?

Also do you feel my frustrations on seeing long established great championships like the WBC and WBA being devalued? For instance Morales fighting for the WBC belt against a number twelve contender, Matthew Hatton a career Welterweight fighting Alvarez for the WBC Junior Middleweight belt or even worse in my opinion Povetkin becoming WBA “Regular” World heavyweight champion. In my opinion these kind of moves devalue the respected organisations and its belts. I understand they are chasing the Yankee Dollar for sanctioning fees but please this is getting beyond stupid.

Finally looking forward to seeing Mayweather Jr fight this weekend, can only see one possible outcome a comprehensive majority points win though I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets knocked down. Sugar Shane did it and Ortiz looks like he has carried his power through the division by his last showing. Do you think he has a puncher’s chance? — AD, Molesey, England

I think Ortiz has better than a puncher’s chance.

Honestly, the endless machinations and “poli-tricks” (as Lennox Lewis used to say) of the major sanctioning organizations don’t bother me much. I don’t take them seriously enough to recognize every single strap they have out there or to harshly criticize their every self-serving move. They’ve definitely devalued the word “champion” in recent decades but they’re not all bad.

As silly as they are (and they’ve never really conducted themselves with total integrity and honesty), they do help unknown fighters gain recognition, negotiating power, and money; and in some cases they force the boxing business to do the right thing (such as the IBF’s mandate that Abenr Mares face Joseph Agbeko in an immediate rematch). And if the fighters and their management/promoters want to play roll the dice and play the sanctioning organizations’ games, I can’t feel too sorry for them when they get burned. They know the risks and often times it works out for everybody — except for maybe the fans who are wondering why there are five or six world champions in a particular division.

Bottom line is that the fighters and TV, which helps the promoters stay in business, want the belts, so they’re here to stay.

Vargas is a very good, very exciting young 140-pounder who I have been high on for a few years now. However, the Las Vegas resident is a PROSPECT. He shouldn’t even be mentioned as a possible opponent for Khan or any other top-10 junior welterweight. If he decisively beats Josesito Lopez tomorrow (which isn’t a given) then maybe we can consider him a lower top-10 contender. Still, he’ll need to beat two or three other contenders in order to earn the right to face Khan, who will be fighting at 147 pounds by the time Vargas matures as a junior welterweight.



Hi Doug. I assume many people wrote you about up coming Floyd-Victor fight. So I'm not gonna get into that fight except two thing:

1. I was not happy when I heard that Joe Cortez would be the third man. I'm not really a big fan of "I'm not really fair but I’m horrible" ref.

2. Robert Garcia and Brandon Rios will join Floyd's ring walk? Floyd invited them to join and they accepted? Why do they have to play this kind of mind game up until the actual fight? I hope Robert Garcia has some decency not to do this. If Floyd has so much confidence like he said he has, then he doesn't need to do this. (This kind of reminds me of Jimmy Montoya went to work for Rosario against Camacho back then…)

3. So Chad "not so bad" Dawson fired Manny Steward and went back with Ice man again? I actually didn't know they used to work together. (I thought his first pro coach was Dan Birmingham) Anyway, I feel like he's joining the DLH club of having a hundread coaches in their careers. I thought he was doing just fine with Dan and all the sudden, he's got Floyd Sr. I thought he was fine with him and then, he's got Eddie Mustafa. Changing a coach doesn't give him an edge against Bernard, I think.

4. I wish I had ESPN Deportes to see Gonzalez vs Mtagwa. That'll be a good action fight.

5. Does anyone really care about what Haye says about K-bros? Now he wants to fight a big bro?

Keep up the good work. (Are you gonna be in Vegas?) — Naoki, Reno, NV

Thanks for writing in, as always, Naoki. I’ll answer in order:

1. I don’t think Cortez is purposely unfair or a “horrible” ref, but I believe he’s often over-involved in his fights and doesn’t allow boxers a chance to work on the inside, thus, his style of officiating definitely favors Mayweather’s style of boxing. I really wish Kenny Bayless got this assignment.

2. I think Floyd’s just trying to get a few extra headlines and add to the “show” aspect of tomorrow’s prize fight. If he gets into Ortiz’s head by doing so, that’s just icing on the cake. And shame on Ortiz if he would allow something like that to bug him out. Garcia and Rios are probably thinking their participation (if they actually go through with it) will help fan the flames of an eventual big-money grudge match with Ortiz.

3. I think fans and media are making too much of Dawson going back to Scully, who is a very capable trainer. He only worked with Steward for four weeks before the Diaconu fight. It’s not like he got used to Steward’s methods or there was any proof that the hall-of-fame trainer was the right fit for Chad. And I don’t think the switch in trainers significantly hinders (or helps) Dawson, who I believe will give Hopkins a very competitive fight.

4. You could have watched it on ESPN3 (the website). Of course, it wasn’t much of a fight. Gonzalez smashed the badly faded Mtagwa in two rounds. I wanna see Gonzalez take on Gamboa or the Nishioka-Marquez winner.

5. I don’t care at all for Haye unless he’s getting in the ring with Adamek, Povetkin, Arreola or Helenius.



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