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R. Mayweather’s discusses Ortiz, Mayweather Jr.’s career

LAS VEGAS — During Thursday’s 15-minute-long round table interview with reporters, Roger Mayweather, the uncle and trainer of unbeaten six-time, five-division titleholder Floyd Mayweather Jr., discussed his nephew’s imminent clash with southpaw WBC welterweight titleholder Victor Ortiz.

Roger Mayweather, 49, believes that Mayweather Jr. (41-0, 25 KOs) will have little trouble with Ortiz (29-2-2, 22 KOs), comparing him favorably to knockout victims such as Diego Corrales, Ricky Hatton and Arturo Gatti, among others. 

On hearing that Ortiz’s trainer, Danny Garcia, believes his fighter is quicker than Mayweather Jr.:

“Well, obviously Danny Garcia must not know s–t. If he’s a trainer, how is he thinking that his man is quicker than Floyd? Boxing aint’ about how quick you are no way. It’s about skills.

“He don’t have as much skill as Floyd, and that’s what win fights. Skills wins fights. It’s not how quick somebody is. One of the fastest fighters in the sport never won a world championship. That was Howard Davis Jr. 

“What does anything have to do with speed? If you don’t know s–t, it don’t make no difference. Obviously, he don’t know s–t from what he just said.”

On Garcia’s assertion that two of the more successful fighters against Mayweather Jr. were southpaws DeMarcus Corley and Zab Judah:

“He said Zab Judah would have won if he hadn’t got tired? Well, who’s problem is that? A whole bunch of mother f–kers would have won, should have won, could have won. But they didn’t.

“Right? Okay, then. That’s their problem. The whole thing about boxing is this: You prepare yourself to go into that ring, and when you go into that ring, you leave no doubt as to what you’re supposed to do when you get in to that ring.

“When Victor Ortiz gets his a– whipped, he’s going to say the same thing that all of the rest of them said: ‘Aw, I could have, or I would have, or I should have,’ but you didn’t.

That’s the whole thing. Like Shane Mosley, it ain’t no big thing. The best man is going to win. That’s the way that it goes in the sport of boxing.”

On Garcia’s accusations that Mayweather Jr. is a dirty fighter, using his elbows illegally against Hatton:

“That’s part of boxing. What is he talking about, using the elbows? What did he use his elbows for? He didn’t knock out Ricky Hatton using elbows, he knocked out Ricky Hatton with that mother f–king check-hook.

“That sent his a– home. That’s it. What does that got to do with it. When somebody is good, there is always a reason why they’re good.”

On Ortiz chin:

“I don’t know if his chin is a weakness, but if he goes down this fight, his a– ain’t getting back up. Because if he gets back up, he’s going to get stopped. He’s a good fighter. I’ve seen him fight, and he’s a good fighter.”

On the way that Mayweather Jr. can respond after long layoffs:

“My nephew had been off over a year from boxing when he came back and still beat the best elite fighters in the world. He could be laid off 17 months, 18 months, and still come back and beat the best elite fighters.

“Layoffs always play a role, because when most times, when guys lose, it’s because of long layoffs. But with my nephew, the layoffs were helpful to him because my nephew has been boxing since he was literally a baby.

“That’s all that he’s ever done. So I figured that the time to take the layoffs was the times that he did. You have to want to do something in order to come back and win a fight.”

On Mayweather Jr.’s chin, and how responded after being staggered against Corley and Mosley:

“I haven’t seen him knocked out, so you know that he’s got a good chin. He’s fought some of the hardest punchers form 130 to 154 pounds, and he’s fought some of the best punchers in the sport and some of the best fighters.

“He’s never been knocked out. So obviously, he’s got a good chin, and he finds a way to win, and that’s boxing. YOu find a way to win. That’s what he does. That’s why he’s the world’s best fighter.

“It’s not about hitting a guy and he goes down, then he hits you and you go down. That’s one thing. All the guys that hit my nephew and hurt him, what did they do after that? I’m sure tha you know. You’ve seen it haven’t you? Alright then.”

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