Lem Satterfield

Mayweather-Ortiz, round-by-round

Round I: Victor Ortiz comes out standing his ground. Floyd Mayweather Jr.s hands are held high. Mayweather jabs to the body, ducks under a right by Ortiz. Mayweather hits Ortiz with three right hands in a row. A fourth right by Mayweather, and a jab. Mayweaher cornered by Ortiz misses. Ortiz circling, Mayweather is on him. Mayweather pounds to the body. Another nice right by Mayweather. Ortiz can’t hit him in the corner as Mayweather clinches. Mayweather ends round with a right hand. Mayweather’s round, 10-9.

Round 2: Mayweather is there. Crowd chanting Ortiz’s name. Ortiz is retreating, Mayweather, pressuring. Chopping right by Mayweather. A reaching right by Mayweather. Ortiz lands a nice left hook but Mayweather takes it. Mayweather measures and nails Ortiz with a right. Mayweather takes a left and a right from Ortiz in a clinch. Mayweather lands a right to the body and takes one. Mayweather lands two more rights to the head. Mayweather nails Ortiz with another chopping right on the final 10 seconds.Mayweather’s round, 10-9; Mayweather, 20-18.

Round 3: Two left hooks from Mayweather, who dances away. Ortiz backing up, takes a reaching right in retreat. Left hook and a right by Mayweather. Lead right by Mayweather sprays sweat. Three more rights with a left in there as well from Mayweather. Target practice. Right, left, right from Mayweather. A crisp left and a right from Mayweather. Three-punch combination from Mayweather, ending with a hard right, and then a head-jarring left hook at bell. Mayweather’s round, 10-9; Mayweather, 30-27.

Round 4: Mayweather steps in early with crisp eight-punch combination of lefts and rights that pierce Ortiz’s guard. Ortiz lead with his head on the ropes. Mayweather hooks and moves away. Pounding right hand from Mayweather. Six-punch combination from Ortiz on the ropes, much of it blocked, but a few get through. Ortiz trying to get rough on the ropes. Mayweather shakes his head as if to say it’s not working. Crowd chanting Ortiz. Mayweather is coming forward again. Double-left hook from Mayweather. Ortiz throws a succession of punches that chase Mayweather to the corner, Ortiz gets nailed, and retaliates with a leaping intentional head butt. Ortiz is penalized a point by referee Joe Cortez, and then hugs Mayweather and apologizes, kissing Mayweather on the cheek. Near the center of the ring, they go to hug again after Ortiz is officially penalized. Mayweather hugs, but then Ortiz does not protect himself. Mayweahter nails him with a left hook, and then, as Ortiz looks to Cortez, pounds him with a left hook, followed by a straight right hand. Ortiz drops to his back, rolls over, to all fours, can’t beat the count by Cortez. FIGHT’S OVER. FLOYD MAYWEATHER BECOMES THE NEW WBC WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION BY FOURTH ROUND KNOCKOUT AT 2:59 OF THE FOURTH ROUND.


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