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Dougie’s massive Monday Mayweather mailbag


Dougie… Ortiz' head butt was unsportsman-like, yes. But he was punished by that idiot 'ref' Joe Cortez–and rightfully so. The punishment was doled out in the ring like it should have been. But for Mayweather to sucker punch Ortiz–and for Ortiz to think that a putrid person like Mayweather would not act on the foul was just plain stupid. I do not care if technically it was legal under the guise of “protect yourself at all times.” Like Tyson's ear bite, Mayweather found a cheap way out of the fight once he got the taste of his own blood. He freaked out and melted down, period. AND then he thanks all of the people for buying his PPV!!! I do not have the words, honestly.

There once was a call for a Roy-cott, well I am asking for a May-cott. Ef, Floyd Jr. even if he fights the Pac-monster. He deserves no more money from anyone.

(P.S., good for Larry Merchant for standing up to that A-hole.)

Holler. — Javier in the Great Northwest

If Mayweather fights Ortiz again, or another 7-to-1 underdog, you can bet you’ll get your May-cott. If he fights Pacquiao, you can forget about it. Everyone is watching that one.


Alright Doug

No doubt Floyd will get slaughtered for what he did, but the headbutt was pretty much the most blatant I've seen in a major fight like that – even Holyfield tried to disguise them. It was worthy of a disqualification on it's own. — Craig

It was an act of a desperate man. Mayweather’s sucker punch was also the act of a desperate man, or perhaps one who wanted to quickly end matters before they became desperate.

I don’t think the head-butt merited a disqualification (perhaps the next one would have). I don’t think Mayweather is getting “slaughtered” by fans or media. Most seem to believe it was justified and OK.


Morning Dougie,

I thought the Mayweather-Ortiz undercard fights were the best I've seen in a long, long time, which prompted me to write. I hope this will make the mailbag next week (I know it will be a crazy Monday) for people to understand the importance of having great undercards. Not only do they help boost the number of PPV but will also silence some of boxing's detractors like my best buddy who is a MMA nut. He says the incident between Mayweather & Ortiz is one perfect example of why boxing is dying. I disagree simply because MMA has also its share of dirt without going to some details and even Dana White condemned one of his fights last year. Fair?

Back to the undercard, I ask Top Rank to do the same as Golden Boy did with Saturday’s card. I can't forever watch Pacquiao on PPV with a mediocre undercard let alone a s__ty one and please note that I am not a Top Rank hater as I've also complained about GBP before. What we want is to keep this sport exciting by giving fans good fights. That will keep boxing alive. When Pacquiao and Mayweather retire, we will have a monumental task to get the seasonal fans especially the Pacmaniacs to watch other fights but if they can be encouraged to see other good fighters, I bet they will continue to support boxing for many years to come.

Dougie, how the heck I'm gonna enjoy my Monday morning coffee without your mailbag, eh? LOL. — JAY J

Here it is Jay, in all its massive glory. I had to include this email because A) it wasn’t about Mayweather or Ortiz, B) it was positive, and C) I agree with you!

The three fights leading into Mayweather-Ortiz — Vargas-Lopez, Morales-Cano and Alvarez-Gomez — were all entertaining back-and-forth battles.

And you’re absolutely right. Promoters need to try to stack major PPV undercards with young talent in competitive fights as often as possible because doing so give casual fans a look at possible future stars. I think Alvarez is well on his way to becoming a bona fide attraction and eventually a PPV staple. Both Vargas and Lopez proved that they are top-10 worthy junior welterweights and I think both young men have the ability to win major titles. They may not become “stars” but they will make for good TV, and one day they’ll meet again, this time over the 12-round distance (hopefully with a title on the line), and they may engage in the fight of the year. And Cano! How about that guy? I thought he was cannon fodder, a mere sacrificial lamb for the great “El Terrible” to win his historic fourth divisional title. But the kid came to fight and he made for an excellent scrap. He’s got balls and he’s one to watch at 140 pounds.

So I think the future of the sport is in good hands with young studs like Alvarez, Vargas, Lopez and Cano out there, not mention all the other 20-something badasses such as Donaire, Ward, Khan, Rios, Bradley and Guerrero. Hell, Ortiz is young and taletetd enough to bounce back.

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