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Dougie’s massive Monday Mayweather mailbag


Hi Doug,

What a bizarre fight. I understand Victor’s frustration but what was he expecting to achieve with a forceful headbutt but a point taken away? I thought Victor JUST landed his best flurry of the night before he decided to spring off the canvas with intent to hurt Floyd. Just because Floyd's facial expression says “you didn’t connect with/hurt me” does not mean you lose all composure and foul the opposition. That's basically child like. Even being dominated for four rounds, the ideal thing is to keep up the pressure and look for an opening. Fight an honourable, professional fight (after all he is a pro boxer). Maybe (I say maybe but I think) this was an alternative way of saying no more (no mas) like he did against Maidana. Would love to hear your views/ reaction to it all.

Also very briefly, I was very happy that the whole night was not wasted with a great battle between Vargas and Lopez and Morales destroying Cano. I thought the Vargas fight could have been scored either way for the split so a rematch should take place. Like you said, Jesse is a “prospect” and is nowhere near a fight with Amir Khan which has been suggested.

Morales started slow but when his trainer told him to keep swinging the overhand right what happened? Landed…. Great performance which hopefully leads to Morales-Maidana rematch, Morales-Gurerro or maybe even Morales-Bradley for one last payday before he retires. Thanks for your time. — Malcolm, Dublin, Ireland

I want to see Morales-Maidana II and then Morales-Marquez after Pacquiao’s done with JMM. And then, just for the hell of it, I want to see Morales-Barrera IV. Why the f__k not? You know they’ll put it down like they always do.

I want to see Vargas or Lopez get a shot at the Kendal Holt-Danny Garcia winner or a fight with Mike Alvarado. Come to think of it, Cano would make for a good opponent for either Jessie or Josesito. And I want these fights to be on non-PPV TV. If Vargas and Lopez fight again I want that fight to at least be an HBO or Showtime Championship Boxing co-feature, or and HBO B.A.D. main event.

I agree that Ortiz had landed his best punches of the fight just before he launched the top of his head into Mayweather’s big mouth. Why did he resort to that at that particular moment? I tend to agree with you that he was at least beginning to mentally unravel. I think it was the start to a “No Mas.” Had Mayweather not seized an opportunity to abruptly end the fight following Ortiz’s point deduction, my guess is that we would have seen more blatant fouls from Ortiz until Cortez DQ’d him (and it wouldn’t have taken Mr. Fair-but-Firm long to do so.)

You’re absolutely right that Ortiz exhibited “child-like” behavior. And compared to Mayweather, at least in terms of experience and ring generalship, he was a boy against a man.

It would have been nice if the “man” actually behaved like one following Ortiz’s infraction, but Mayweather isn’t “nice” and the young titleholder should have been cognizant of that fact after he decided to intentionally foul the veteran.


Hey Dougie,
I know everyone is saying that the shot was legal, and it technically it was, but in my eyes Mayweather robbed the public of a good fight. It is not the way a great fighter wins. I agree the Victor started the dirty fighting, but he was penalized and looked sincerely apologetic. I do believe the headbutt was a quick, adrenaline-filled reaction to the heat of the moment. However, the fight was getting interesting in my eyes. Yes, Mayweather looked to be having an easy night with Ortiz, and was constantly landing his right cross. I expected that to happen. Victor was taking the shot, and seemed to be walking through the punches. The reason I say I feel robbed by Mayweather's actions, is because I really wanted to see what adjustments Victor would have made. Would he have increased the pressure? I believe he would have, and would have hurt Mayweather. I knew Mayweather was going outbox Victor so that didn't surprise me. What I wanted to see was Victor's heart and determination in the later rounds. Even if Victor was to get KO'd in the later rounds, I think he would have had his moments later in the fight.

Seemed to me like the fight was just heating up. I liked the headbutt!! I think it created some drama and would have made things more interesting. Ortiz would be down a point and really need a knockout. I really feel what Mayweather did was rob us of a good fight to come. It was an ugly win for Mayweather.

What is your opinion? How do you feel Ortiz would have held up in the later rounds? And what's next for Mayweather? I say forget Pacquiao, and fight Martinez. Makes more sense to me. Thank you Dougie, and I can't wait to read your analysis of the fight. — Oscar

I agree that it was an ugly win for Mayweather.

I thought Ortiz would basically get outclassed but would last the 12-round distance and have his moments during an interesting fight. (Read my Head-to-Head analysis and prediction for all the incorrect details of my prediction. LOL.)

I was wrong. However, the way Mayweather ended the fight — with a punch landed while Ortiz had his guard down and was looking away — puts an asterisk by this victory. If Floyd hadn’t pulled a jack move, I think it’s possible that Ortiz could have given him hell en route to a decision loss. But I also think it’s possible that Mayweather could have continued to frustrate the young man and either force him to commit more fouls until he was DQ’d or wear himself out until he was ripe for an HONORABLE stoppage.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that the way Mayweather won Saturday night is “not the way a great fighter wins.” Can you imagine Sugar Ray Leonard or Thomas Hearns resorting to those tactics to win a fight, regardless of what their opponents did to them? I can’t. It’s inconceivable because those were men of character. Mayweather makes me realize how lucky I truly was to be a boxing fan who came of age in the late 1970s and ‘80s.

What’s next for Mayweather? Honestly? Probably another year-long layoff. It most definitely won’t be a mega-fight with Pacquiao or a dangerous challenge to the middleweight champ.


What else can I say right now…I'm drunk…I just lost $20 on Ortiz (because I was drunk)…and now I'm going to have to sit through another Mayweather-Ortiz promotion (you know that bull__t is coming, right?).

Now let me explain. Going into this fight, I thought all the same s__t everyone was selling. Ortiz: Young, southpaw, power in his hands, strong, bigger than Mayweather. I thought just maybe Ortiz could pull this off. Now, all that is out the window. There is going to be a rematch and it won't matter. Ortiz showed where his head was at in this fight. I hate to say it, Ortiz deserved that hook and that straight right, sucker punch or not. Mayweather will embarrass this kid if they make a rematch.

   Dougie…Ortiz is corny…his trash talk is weak…he's not smooth in anything he says…he makes bad decisions (the music video, the underwear modeling, c'mon man)…but I still wanna root for him…I can't help it…I want to root for the underdog…PLEASE…do everything in your power to make this rematch not happen. PLEASE…work you magic, Dougie…you got more pull in this business with your influence than you think…

I don't…scratch that, I CAN'T…sit through another bulls__t promotion.

   Dougie…I'm drunk…I want to bash my head through this wall because I'm a boxing fan and this is what I get…it's seriously like crack cocaine…I know it's bad for me…but I can't put it down (it's yo life, don't do it!)…this should make the mailbag as the first time drunk email…I'm out!

  P.S. If I ever see Jose Sulaiman in the streets I'm gonna kick that penguin-lookin-fool in the head… — Bobby

This is definitely NOT the first drunk email I’ve received or put in the mailbag, Bobby, but I appreciate the effort you made to compose your thoughts and share them with me while inebriated.

I agree that Ortiz is a corny-ass surfer dude from the midwest, but I like the kid and I still wish him well. I have no problem rooting for him.

I also agree that he basically asked for that sucker punch, but I don’t like or respect Mayweather for delivering it.

I definitely do not agree that I have any pull or influence (or respect) in this business but if the powers that be try to force Mayweather-Ortiz II on us you have my word that I’ll will rip the s__t out of that promotion (even if it cost me my job).

And while I’m ranting (cuz I’ve had a few drinks myself), I vow to help you mug Sulaiman if I happen to see you jumping his fat, penguin-looking ass in the streets.



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