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Dougie’s Friday mailbag


Been a long time since I wrote but had to commend you on your reply to Mike (IF THE ROLES WERE REVERSED) in the Mid-Week Mailbag. I have been bemused at all this “street” talk from so many people over the last few days and your reply said it all perfectly (with wit).

When’s the last time the winner of a “street fight” got $40 million? ;] Cogs. — Belfast

Thanks Cogs. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only person who thought all the “street logic” from boxers who USED to live in the hood and from wanna-be Thug Lifers on press row was silly enough to laugh at. I’m glad I’m not alone.


"What went down between Mayweather and Ortiz was not a damn knife fight on the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson at 3 a.m. It was a pay-per-view championship boxing match at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas."

Great mailbag Dougie. As a fellow Angeleno you had me cracking up with the Crenshaw and Slauson @ 3am comment! Good stuff. =) — Ed

Thanks Ed. All jokes aside, I made my point, right?


First off I found your mid-week article to be down right hilarious! That was a real LOL. It’s been about a year since I wrote you Dougie! We had some interesting conversations even degraded each other a lil bit but you’re absolutely right! Where is all this Gangsta talk comin from? Analysts, editors, and even Hopkins talkin’ bout “Hos.” It’s so stupid. I also 100% agree with your comments regarding this whole Mayweather and Ortiz deal. It’s good to be writing to you again, Dougie, you can definitely expect some letters from me in the very near future regarding this corrupt "gangsta" sport of boxing. — Roland, Tampa

Rolly! I remember posting more than a few of your emails in my MaxBoxing mailbags, and though I’m fuzzy on the details (hey, why hold grudges, right?) I do recall some rather heated discussions (LOL) from time to time. Good to hear from you. Don’t be a stranger and don’t be afraid to let me have it when you think I’m out of line, either. Just don’t get too gansta on me.



Ring magazine need to stop you writing about Floyd Mayweather. Seriously, your bias against the man makes it embarrassing to read your views on him. You are supposed to be a proffesional writer, that means you are supposed to give an objective view on what you're watching, not spew some YouTube-esque hatred against someone you don't like.

Pre-fight you gave Ortiz a great shot at beating Floyd, then after Mayweather outclassed him in every department, (giving away 14 pounds by the way, funny you didn't mention that) Ortiz is suddenly some naive ''manchild'' Mayweather had a duty of care over. No doubt had Ortiz succeeded in his intentions with that headbutt and broke Mayweathers nose or fractured a cheekbone, you'd have said that it's all part of the fight game. Mayweather retaliates with a street move of his own and it's a step above biting chunks out of another mans ear. I urge you to tone it down Doug, it's unbecoming of an institution like 'The Ring' to publish such bile from a supposed sports writer. — Ben

Why is it “unbecoming” of THE RING for me to dislike Mayweather’s cheap shot? And why does it bother you so much?

It’s not like I applauded Ortiz for his intentional foul. It’s not like I completely condemned Mayweather for the “legal sucker punch” that ended the fight. I didn’t get on a soap box and express outrage at what Mayweather did in some scathing post-fight column. All I’ve done is share my uneasy feelings about what happened last Saturday in two mailbags.

Yes, it’s true that journalists are supposed to be as objective as they can be. Believe it or not, I do strive for balance when I cover boxing events. However, it’s the job of a columnist to clearly state his or her opinion, especially on controversial or polarizing figures and events. The mailbag is my column, kiddo. If you don’t care for my opinions on a particular fighter, it might be a good idea for you to skip the mailbag the week before and after that fighter, ahem, performs.

And yeah, I gave Ortiz a shot. I didn’t pick him to win. I didn’t think he would pull off the upset (for the same reason that EVERY boxing writer in the freakin’ world predicted a Mayweather victory — because the young man was not ready!). But even if I predicted an Ortiz victory, why get bent out of shape about that? And if he had broken Mayweather’s nose or cheekbone with a headbutt he would have been instantly DQ’d by Mr. Fair-but-Firm and I would have condemned him along with the rest of the planet.

If you think otherwise you live in a fantasy world. (And I’m sure it’s a gangsta world full of "street knowledge" and tolerance for retaliatory “street moves” in the ring and every day life.)

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