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Hi Dougie,
Been enjoying your writing for about a year now, this is my first email. We've heard a lot about how Victor Ortiz deserved what he got, how Floyd won legally but in an unsportsmanlike way….I too would like to have seen things end in a different way, and I agree Floyd was unsportsmanlike….but my major question through all of this is: why aren't we hearing more about Joe Cortez' actions? I believe that he called time in, but I certainly didn't see it, Victor Ortiz didn't hear it, and it sure wasn't clear to me as a spectator. Cortez might have not done anything "wrong" but it sure seems like he lost control of things in that ring.

From what I could tell, he was looking away from both fighters. If he had called time in (which I believe he did) shouldn't he have been watching both fighters closely? Floyd could have kicked Victor in the groin for all Grandpa Cortez was paying attention. I'm not saying that the criticism against Floyd and Victor is not justified, I think it is, but I think Cortez deserves a lot more criticism than he's getting.

When Victor went down, it's pretty clear that the ref had to think for a moment or two about what was going on, and that he was not expecting the fight to "really" get going yet. I don't care if he said "time in", he should have been paying attention if he expected the fight to continue. Floyd, unsportsmanlike or not, took advantage of the referee's temporary lack of attention to make his move. I don't believe he would have thrown those sucker punches if the ref had been watching.

What do you think, specifically about the referee's actions, and specifically about him looking away at a crucial moment? I apologize if you have already addressed this in detail, you can send me a link to what you've already written if you don't want to repeat yourself. Thanks for the great work! — Jar

I haven’t really discussed Cortez in detail. He’s generally not a subject that I care to get into because I believe he’s way past his prime as an official and I think he’s screwed up more than a few major fights in recent years, Saturday was no exception.

I’m not saying he’s always bad. I thought he performed well in the Miguel Acosta-Brandon Rios fight earlier this year, but he’s been too much of a presence in most of the big fights he's refereed recently. I can’t even watch a replay of Mayweather-Hatton or Khan-Maidana because his constant interference in the flow of the fight is maddening. He just has no concept of letting boxers fight their way out of clinches.

If he had refereed the Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier series it wouldn’t have been a classic trilogy and Ali would have won all three bouts by shutout decision.

I agree that he should have had his eyes on both Mayweather and Ortiz as soon as they got close to each other his point deduction. And you make a good point with this thought: “I don't believe he would have thrown those sucker punches if the ref had been watching.”

You might be right about that. Mayweather was as aware of Cortez’s head being turned as he was of Ortiz’s hands being down.


Morning Doug hope this email finds you in good health. The fight is over & the more people talk about what happen the more they get confused. I know you consider it a classless act & you have the right to your opinion. I see it as boxing plan & simple. Everyone putting their spin on the fight & in the end the two fighters aren't the ones complaining!

Like the subject of this email "The Fights Over". You can call it whatever you want but Floyd was winning every round (I don't care that Lederman gave Victor the 2nd rd) with skills never seen on a guy out of the ring for 16 months.

The man is just on a totally different level then other fighter including Pac. I would love to be ring side it that fight happens. Floyd IMO would dominate this fight easy with pure boxing skills & ring generalship. I don't give Pac anymore of a chance at beating Floyd then I would have given Victor. Those who think differently should really stop dreaming. Floyd is just that good. In this day & time no fighter out there that can do what he has done in the ring like taking months off & coming back the way he has. I give Pac 9 to 10 rounds before Roach throws in the towel. — Mr. Jonathan P. Crews

I’m sorry Jonathan, I don’t mean to be rude to you, but I feel that it is my duty to inform you that you are a Mayweather nut-hugger.

There’s a big difference between Victor Ortiz and Manny Pacquiao. If you can’t see that, you really don’t know as much about boxing as you think you do.

And if Mayweather was as good as you think he is A) we wouldn’t be debating his greatness, and B) he would have fought Pacquiao two years ago in order to prove his greatness. (Come to think of it he would have fought Joel Casamayor, Acelino Freitas, Stevie Johnston, Kostya Tszyu, Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto.) But he hasn’t fought Pacquiao and there has to be a reason for that beyond his lame-ass, baseless PED allegations.

You know what really bugs me about you Mayweather fans? You guys have absolutely no sense of history. None! In fact, you can’t even look back a few years thanks to Floyd’s nuts in your faces.

“skills never seen on a guy out of the ring for 16 months.” Are you kidding me? “In this day & time no fighter out there that can do what he has done in the ring like taking months off & coming back the way he has.” What? Do you really think no other elite fighter has ever taken some time off and returned to the ring as sharp as ever? Didn’t Vitali Klitschko recently end an almost four-year hiatus and win a major title in his first bout back? Did I imagine that? Have you heard of Sugar Ray Leonard? Go look him up on, particularly his fight with one Marvelous Marvin Hagler, my man. You might be impressed. Might…




Hey Dougie.

Putting all the maddness from saturday night apart I wanna talk about what we actually saw in the fight before all hell broke loose.

Mayweather looked impressive, he was landing that right hand beautifuly but I also noticed him taking a few more hits than normal. His defence against the jab was fantastic since Ortiz didn’t land a single Jab in the whole fight (according to compubox). But what I did notice is ortiz landing the lead left regularly (I say regularly cos that’s about as regular as your gonna land a punch on FMJ), now ortiz has never had a great lead left, I would be interested to see how Floyd copes with the amazing lead left that Manny has. Another thing I notices is that mayweather was getting hit to the body more and being backed in the the ropes a few times, again I think Pacquiao would capitalise on such opportunities.

I used to think that Floyd would just be too slick and illusive for pacquiao, but now im starting to think it really is a 50/50 fight. Regards. — F Mimeh

That’s what I think, but I’ve been told that I’m just a May-Hater. That’s the word on the “streets,” anyway!

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