Michael Rosenthal

RingTV Poll: Fans say Ortiz doesn’t deserve rematch

Two-thirds of those who have voted in the current RingTV poll don’t believe Victor Ortiz deserves a rematch with Floyd Mayeather Jr.

The poll question is straight forward: Does Victor Ortiz deserve a rematch because of the bizarre circumstances under which he was knocked out by Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Saturday?

The options: yes or no.

Almost exactly two out of three (66.7 percent) voted no as of Friday evening, at which time more than 3,500 had voted. One in three (33.3 percent) voted yes.

Ortiz and Mayweather were about to embrace in a conciliatory gesture after an intentional head butt by Ortiz in the fourth round – or so Ortiz believed – when Mayweather knocked him out with a right hand. Mayweather had been dominating the fight.

Ortiz was criticized for initiating the dirty fighting and failing to protect himself. Mayweather was criticized for punching Ortiz when he knew he wasn’t ready to resume fighting.

Mayweather took Ortiz’s WBC welterweight title.

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