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Dougie’s MASSIVE Monday mailbag


What's up Dougie?
I read your mid-week mailbag, and I wanted to commend you in your response to boxing writers, fighters, and fans, referencing "the streets" in regards to the controversy of the Ortiz-Mayweather fight. It's true that there are personalities in boxing that bring that street attitude, but when it comes to the actual fighting, boxing is an evolved form of those street fights. When a fighter chooses to bring that level in the ring, it's disrespectful to the sport. A lot of my casual boxing friends lost whatever interest they had in the sport after that fight, and I'm awaiting Sergio Martinez's fight this weekend to wash those memories from my mind. Anyways some random questions:

1. Many people talk of Khan and Pacquiao as a potential future Mayweather opponent. I'm actually more interested in a fight between Mayweather and Sergio Martinez. Was that fight ever brought up by/to either fighter? I think Sergio Martinez's personality and charisma would clash well with Mayweather's…

2. Another interesting match up would be the one between Brandon Rios and Victor Ortiz, for all the obvious reasons, but currently there is a big weight disparity. Can Brandon move up to meet him at 147? I'd love to see that match.

3. Is it me or did Lem Satterfield slip under the radar to bring crazy boxing coverage? He's a great addition to the site, love to see his content.

4. I recently jumped back into comics again, loving how the storylines have matured with it's fans,…have you been picking up the trade paperbacks to read? Had to ask!

Thank you Dougie and all the RingTV team as always, you guys do an amazing job! — Lester

Thanks for the kind words, Lester. Rest assured, Martinez, who looked on point when I visited his camp on Saturday, will deliver elite-level skill, athleticism and entertainment even if he blows Barker out this weekend. I’ll answer your Random Thoughts in order:

1. The fight has been proposed by Martinez and his promoter, Lou DiBella, and of course the matchup has been mentioned to Team Mayweather by members of the media, but there have not been any serious or even preliminary talks between the two sides. I agree that Mayweather-Martinez is not only a fascinating matchup but one that can be promoted and marketed into a major pay-per-view event. Martinez has charisma and charm that is the exact opposite of Mayweather’s nasty 24/7 persona and I think it would mix well with Floyd’s BS on HBO’s “reality” series.

2. There isn’t as much of a weight disparity between Ortiz and Rios as you think. Both young men walk around at 160 pounds. Rios is a solid 150 pounds even when he’s training and sparring on a daily basis. Ortiz-Rios is definitely a future mega-fight. Think of it as “Bad Blood II.”

3. Lem is an AWESOME addition to, and he’s not under the radar so much anymore.

4. You can always feel free to ask me about my “other passion,” comic books. There are three trade paperbacks (all of ’em hard cover editions) that I’ve been reading during the past month: Saga of the Swamp Thing, Vol. 1-3, by Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette and John Totleben (beautifully written and illustrated horror fiction that takes me down memory lane because I collected Moore’s classic run when it first came out during the mid-1980s), Wolverine: The Best There Is — Contagion by Charlie Huston and Juan Jose Ryp (nothing special but typical sexy violent retribution with everyone’s favorite mutant badass), and, my personal favorite, G0dland: Celestial Edition One by Joe Casey and Tom Scioli (wonderfully crazy cosmic fun in the style and spirit of the late, great Jack Kirby).


Hi Doug,

This will not be another email about "Mayweather/Ortiz: Who's right/who's wrong." Let's move on.

Yes, your predictions aren't really spot on right now (still not Uatu-like stuff!), but I'm still interested about your point of view on the outcome of those 10 possible future match-ups:

– Giovanni Segura-Roman Gonzalez

– Pongsaklek Wonjongkam-Giovanni Segura

– Guillermo Rigondeaux-Nonito Donaire

– Yuriorkis Gamboa-Nonito Donaire

– Brandon Rios-Yuriorkis Gamboa

– Marcos Maidana-Brandon Rios

– Juan Manuel Marquez-Erik Morales

– Timothy Bradley-Amir Khan

– Andre Ward-Lucian Bute

– Ismayl Sillakh-Andre Ward

Who said the future of boxing wasn't bright?

(P.S.: On a side note, I know that nobody cares about the junior lightweight division but Mzonke Fana and Ricky Burns are still rated when they should not be.) Ciao! — Alex

Good point about Fana and Burns, Alex, I’ll pass this along to the new Editor-In-Chief of the mag (which ain’t me!).

The future of boxing could be in very good hands, especially if these matchups actually take place. I betcha at least four of them do within the next 24 months. Anyway, here’s my un-Uata-like picks on all 10 matchups:

– Giovanni Segura-Roman Gonzalez — Segura by come-from-behind TKO in a terrific fight

– Pongsaklek Wonjongkam-Giovanni Segura — Segura by late TKO

– Guillermo Rigondeaux-Nonito Donaire — Donaire by decision in a relatively uneventful boxing match

– Yuriorkis Gamboa-Nonito Donaire — Donaire by spectacular KO in a fight of the year shootout

– Brandon Rios-Yuriorkis Gamboa — Rios by come-from-behind late rounds TKO (much like the Acosta fight)

– Marcos Maidana-Brandon Rios — Bam Bam by late TKO in the fight of the year

– Juan Manuel Marquez-Erik Morales — Marquez by close, perhaps controversial, decision in a fight of the year candidate

– Timothy Bradley-Amir Khan — Khan by close, perhaps controversial decision, in an awkward, generally uneventful boxing match

– Andre Ward-Lucian Bute — Ward by close decision in a surprisingly fast-paced and entertaining fight

– Ismayl Sillakh-Andre Ward — Sillakh by late-rounds TKO (yeah, you read right!)


Hi Doug,

I have been enjoying the mail bag for the last few years but this is my first time of writing in. There are a couple of things i wanted to ask.

I enjoyed, to some extent the main event at the weekend but felt cheated by the premature end, i was expecting the next few rounds to be quite entertaining, i wont get into the rights and wrongs of it all as that's been well covered to date. However i wanted to know what exactly Mayweather has done in the past to irritate you so much, i have only followed the US boxing scene closely since round about the mayweather de la hoya bout and obviously i can see how mayweathers general antics would annoy the most placid of followers but not to the level of distaste that comes across in your writings what has he done in the past to so infuriate everyone? Was there anything specific?

Secondly, after watching Mayweather Saturday, Khan stated he had seen plenty to be optimistic about, Mayweather being open to shots etc, i did not see anything and cant see anyone troubling him, least of all Khan, (until maybe age catches up with him.)

Lastly, a few years ago i was at the Hopkins-Calzaghe fight, to keep it short, i was amazed at Hopkins’ hand speed, which in the early rounds seemed superior, would really appreciate your take on that fight. Apologies it has taken three years to ask. Keep up the great work — Steffan, UK

Thanks for finally writing in, Steffan. And thank you for asking what Mayweather has done in the past to irritate me so much. I think it’s time to clear the air.

OK (deep breath), here it goes:

Many years ago, Floyd stole my girlfriend who later became my wife and I have reason to believe that they are having an on-going affair. (I occasionally receive text messages from Leonard Ellerbe with photos of my wife and a man who looks like Mayweather — though it’s hard to tell because a black bar covers his eyes — lounging in well-known Las Vegas night clubs. These text pics are often accompanied by strange, cryptic messages, such as “LOL, even Floyd Sr. has hit that s__.” I have no idea what that means but it disturbs me to the core.)

I’ve known Mayweather for a long time and he’s never been nice to me. He used to take my lunch money back in high school. (Did you know that I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan?)

Oh yeah, he also molested me when we were children.

Oh my God. I can’t believe I actually got that off of my chest. That was so freeing. I can finally drop my obsessive hatred of a man who is clearly the best boxer to ever to grace our undeserving sport. I can finally admit how wrong I’ve been all these years. I forgive Floyd for screwing my wife, taking my lunch money as well as my virginity (in all honesty, I probably deserved the sexual abuse). I just hope Floyd can forgive me for all the unfair criticism over the years.

I have no idea what Khan is talking about. I don’t see any flaws in Mayweather’s unbeatable blend of defense, offense and ring generalship. Floyd’s perfect in every way. Khan doesn’t understand that because he’s never been in the ring with him. Or maybe it’s because Floyd never diddled with his junk as he did mine back in the day. Whatever the case, Khan’s got no shot at beating the G.O.A.T.

I don’t have much to say about Hopkins-Calzaghe. It was a rather forgettable light heavyweight championship in my opinion. I thought Calzaghe deserved the close decision. Hopkins simply could not contain Joe’s speed, unpredictable volume punching and in-and-out footwork over the 12-round distance. However, he did well over the first half of the bout; well enough for me to believe that if they had fought at 168 pounds back in the late 1990s or early 2000s, Hopkins would have won a close but clear decision.

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