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Ortiz to Mayweather: we’ll do it again for free

Through his manager, Rolando Arellano, Victor Ortiz has issued what he clams is his final statement regarding the ending to his fourth-round knockout loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. that cost him his WBC welterweight title on Sept. 17.

With referee Joe Cortez nearby, Ortiz (29-3-2, 22 KOs) failed to protect himself when Mayweather (42-0, 26 KOs) nailed him first with a jarring left hook and then a powerful, straight right hand that sent Ortiz sprawling to his back.

Ortiz rolled to his right and reached his hands and knees but did not rise in time to beat Cortez’s 10-count.

At the time of the finishing blow, Ortiz’s hands were down at his sides after attempting to embrace Mayweather for a third time as a means of apologizing for a headbutt.

Feeling that he was dethroned unfairly, Ortiz makes a final plea for a rematch from Mayweather, saying that he will move on if that does not happen.

Below is the statement:

“This will be the last statement that I will be making regarding Floyd Mayweather Jr. I’m going to put this behind me. But I want the rematch.

“The reason I want the rematch is not for the money, but for the integrity, the dignity and the honor of our sport and for the fans. If Floyd Mayweather wants to give me the rematch, then I will be waiting for him with open arms.

“If he doesn’t want to give us the rematch, then we will move on, and we’ll see him in the Hall of Fame in about 15 years. If he does want to give us the rematch, to show that it’s not for the money, we will do it for free.

“We won’t be making any more comments, and basically, that’s my final statement that I’m putting out there. I’m on my way to Paris very shortly.”



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