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VIDEO: ‘Maravilla’ is Tyler Streeter’s latest painting


I went to Sergio Martinez's gym in Oxnard, Calif., last month to take some photos of him training to use for my new painting.  Unfortunately, I arrived after his sparring session was over and he was packing his bags to leave.  Adam Flores, who owns the gym and works with Sergio, said I could come back the next day.  I told him that would be great, but I'd at least like to meet Sergio and introduce him to two friends who had come along to assist me.  Adam brought us over to meet Sergio after he finished with an interview he was giving.  When Sergio realized I was there to take photos of him for a painting, he graciously put his gloves back on and started hitting the bags, allowing me to get the photos I needed.  I was really surprised at how accommodating he was, especially since he had just finished a long workout before I got there.
After spending a few minutes with him and his team, it was clear to me that Sergio is not only a special boxer, but a special human being.  He seems to have that "it" factor that is sometimes hard to describe in words. But you know it when you see it.  Adam, Sergio and the rest of their team are the epitome of class, the type of people who make painting boxers such an inspirational endeavor.  Thomas Hauser once wrote "Sergio Martinez is a rose that grew from asphalt."  What a beautiful assessment of a kid who grew up poor and became the undisputed middleweight champion of the world.

— Tyler Streeter


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