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Dougie’s Monday mailbag


What up Dougie,
Just a few questions and comments on this past weekend, some upcoming fights, and announcements.

Sharif Bogere. I've seen both of his fights on ShoBox. I can't say I'm very impressed, but I think it's because he looks like an undersized lightweight. Is it just me, or doesn't it seem like he'd fair better at junior lightweight? I'd like to see any combination of Bogere-Broner-Lundy between 130-135 just for the "cocky factor" alone. All these dudes seem to have huge egos/personalities. Especially Broner, he's good, but man is he annoying. Reminds me of a bootleg Floyd.

Caught the last round of Kell Brook-Rafa Jackiewicz. Looked like an early stoppage IMO. Haven't seen much of Brook, but I hear he's legit. Hasn't that dude been Manny's mandatory for like 2 years? LOL

I read something about Amir Khan looking to make his welterweight debut against Mathew Hatton? I'm not interested in that fight one bit. Nothing against Hatton, but I'd like to see Khan against a welterweight in the top ten before getting another big fight. How about Brook-Hatton?

I'm picking Chad Dawson by UD over Bernard Hopkins. I think Hopkins saw that Pascal's awkward style gave Dawson some trouble and thinks he can do better, ‘cause from what I remember he wanted no part of Dawson for good while. I actually picked Pascal over Dawson when they fought because of Pascal's awkward style, but for some reason I think Dawson is gonna be able to outbox Hopkins quite easily. Then again, Hopkins seems to prove me wrong quite a bit, haha, so I guess we'll have to see what happens. I'm also actually pretty excited about the Hopkins-Dawson undercard, too.

Tim Bradley-Joel Casamayor? Hope Casamayor beats the brakes off Bradley. Bob Arum, eat a d__k for making that fight. Totally pointless. I'm not a fan of any of the promoters really (I think they're all douche bags), but with Gary Shaw at least we saw Bradley against tough opposition. First fight with Arum and it's 10 steps backwards. I understand Tim wants big fights, but wasn't Khan sitting on a platter for him? Lost a little respect for Bradley.

Excited to see Mike Alvarado take step up in competition. I think it's safe to call Breidis Prescott a step up.

Lastly, I'm excited for the Abner Mares-Joseph Agbeko/Anselmo Moreno-Vic Darchinyan card. One, because it cuts into Arum's PPV buys (f__k you, Bob…haha) and two, it's a damn good FREE card. If I didn't already buy a ticket to go home (Anaheim) I would have pushed back my trip to see this fight in person. — Bobby

I’m also excited to about the Mares-Agbeko II card and I look forward to covering it at the Honda Center, but it’s sucks that I’ll have to miss watching the Cotto-Margarito II pay-per-view card live.

I’m not a big Arum fan, either, but I give credit where it’s due and I think the old man put together an excellent PPV show (at least for us blood-thirsty ghouls).

Prescott is a slight step up for Alvarado, but I think “Mile-High Mike” will take care of business and handle the Colombian in impressive fashion. If I’m right, I want to see Alvarado’s name mentioned as a possible 2012 opponent for Tim Bradley, Lucas Matthysse or the winner of Saturday’s Kendall Holt-Danny Garcia fight.

I’m happy for Bradley because he got the deal and promotional situation he was looking for — and maybe he’ll land that super-fight with the PacMan — but I don’t care at all for that first fight with Top Rank. Hopefully, Bob, will bring back “Desert Storm” as soon as possible, and put him in with a live body.

You should be excited about the Hopkins-Dawson PPV undercard. It’s a good one. I think all three televised fights (Malignaggi-Lora, Holt-Garcia and Linares-DeMarco) will be entertaining. I wish I could say the same thing about the main event, but I can’t. Hopkins-Dawson could wind up being an uneventful game of cat and mouse, and if it does, I think that scenario strongly favors the younger, faster, more mobile boxer.

So, I agree with your analysis of Hopkins-Dawson. However, I’m going with the “old man.” Dawson certainly has the talent, style and ability to beat the champ, but I don’t know if he’s got the discipline to box a perfect fight for 12 rounds without Nard getting into his head or the guts to try and take out the future hall of famer if he has him down or hurt. Dawson has technical/defensive holes (dropping his guard, failing to tuck his chin, squaring up when he lets his hands go) and lapses in concentration that Hopkins can take advantage of. Also, the fact that Dawson, who relies a lot of on his reflexes, has been no busier than Nard is not a good thing for the challenger.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Dawson is a tremendous boxer, but he can be counter punched. He can be caught with right hands. Hopkins is a good counter puncher with a good right hand. I think B-Hop will have enough moments (and get the benefit of the doubt in enough close rounds) to win a close decision.

I think Matthew Hatton is decent-enough opponent for a fighter’s welterweight pro debut, and that fight is a fairly big event in the UK (especially Manchester). I think Khan-Hatton makes more sense than Brook-Hatton. Brook is the proven welterweight contender. He’s the guy who should (and hopefully will) fight a fellow top-10 rated welter in his next fight.

I don’t know or care about Brook‘s WBO ranking, but I definitely think he’s legit.

I don’t view Bogere as cocky. His attire and ring entrance is flamboyant but once the bell rings, he’s a serious fighter. Does he have flaws? Of course. He’s only 22 years old with 21 pro bouts. He’s got a lot to learn, but I think he’s got talent and a lot of character, which will take him far despite his short stature (and yes, I think he’s small for a modern lightweight).

I thought he lost to Ray Beltran, but I was still impressed with the way he handled the awful cut he sustained early in the bout and the adjustments he made down the stretch of a tough fight. I also like that Bogere’s willing to fight dangerous opponents. Taking on Beltran and Francisco Contreras in back-to-back fights tell me the young man has balls. We need more fighters like that.


Where are the numbers for the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz PPV? I haven't heard anything about them. That is strange. You normally hear something in a week. Does that mean poor sales?????? — JCB

I have no idea if the lack of an official announcement on the numbers of the “Star Power” PPV means the show tanked. But I agree that it’s strange that we haven’t heard a peep from HBO or Golden Boy Promotions regarding even an estimate of the pay-per-view buys for the Sept. 17 show.

My guess is the show did well, perhaps just over a 1 million buys, but not as well as the network and promoter had hoped given all the hype and money spent on advertising and promotional events. They probably want to wait until every last buy is accounted for before making an official announcement, so it can be the largest number possible.

My other guess is that a fair number of hardcore fans, and even a percentage of casual fans, did not believe that Ortiz was ready for the likes of Mayweather or an event of that magnitude, and thus, decided to pass on the PPV. I also think a lot of fans — boxing and general sports followers — are sick of Mayweather’s 24/7 act. I know I am.


Hey Dougie,

How's it going? Just got a few points to make about a pretty quiet week.

Kell Brook looked great again in stopping Rafal Jackiewicz on Saturday night. He boxed beautifully, patiently, and just broke the guy down. I know he's probably gonna fight Senchenko for an alphabet title next, but I'd really like to see him step it up and fight either Berto or Ortiz. I think he's the real deal and would cause huge problems for either of those guys. It seems with Matchroom's backing Kell's career is finally back on track after some slow years, how far do you think he can go?

I was shocked to see John Murray had been chosen for Brandon Rios' next defence of his title. Don't get me wrong, I have mad respect for Murray and think he will win a world title within the next couple of years, but he just got knocked out by Kevin Mitchell, a fight which I thought was an eliminator for Rios' WBA title. How did that happen?!

I know Wlad Klitschko has fought tough opposition consistently for years, but following up arguably your best performance in your biggest fight by fighting Jean Marc Mormeck? The guy who got KTFO by David Haye and has only beaten a handful of heavyweight has beens (at best) with the help of generous judging since? Really?!

Surprised to see Barker not entering the middleweight rankings this week. I understand the panel's point of view, but at the same time he stepped up against one of the most avoided men in the sport, and put up a much better showing than other ranked contenders such as Paul Williams (whose overall body of work at middleweight is pretty uninspiring in itself).

I'm a fan of The Ring's Championship policy though. I was watching Ringside on Sky the other day and they were talking at length about the alphabet belt situation and not once did the Ring Magazine title get mentioned, even though it was directly relevant (talking about Martinez as the official middleweight champion without title recognition). This championship needs some PR and backing from TV networks if it's really gonna sort out this mess!

Keep up the good work! — Callum, Sheffield, UK

What THE RING’s Championship Policy needs more than network acceptance is the backing/support of fans like yourself. If you believe that THE RING belts are the real “world championship” titles of the sport and that our rankings are superior to the those of the sanctioning bodies, you should make your voice heard. Contact the folks who produce Ringside and let them know your opinion.

I disagree with the decision of the magazine’s editorial board and its ratings panel not to include Barker in the middleweight rankings following his performance against Sergio Martinez. I was impressed with Barker and I think he is as good as anyone THE RING ranks below the champ (and maybe our Nos. 1 and 2, Sturm and Macklin). I KNOW he’s better than Chavez Jr., who we rank No. 5. Hopefully, he gets back in the ring with a solid foe ASAP and makes another case for himself.

I care about as much for Klitschko-Mormeck as I do for Povetkin-Holyfield, which is not at all. I don’t care much for the heavyweight division right now. I’m officially sleeping on the big boys. Somebody wake me when Klitschko-Povetkin is made. Whoever promotes that event can stick Holyfield-Mormeck, which might be a good fight, on the undercard.

Rios-Mitchell makes more sense to me, but I’ll take Rios vs. Murray. Styles make fights and this one has “barnburner” written all over it.

I’m looking forward to Brook’s next fight, whoever it may be. If it’s the WBA beltholder, Vyacheslav Senchenko, I’m fine with that. The undefeated Ukrainian may be completely unknown in the U.S. but he can fight. He lacks the speed and power of Berto and Ortiz but he makes up for it in technique, durability and maturity.

Having said that, I’d love to see Brook vs. Berto, Ortiz, or Mike Jones.

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