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Hey Dougie,
Huge fan of boxing, The Ring, and yours! I'm writing in because I was doing my usual rounds through my boxing websites (LOL) and I passed by BoxRec and noticed their P4P Rankings which are as follows:

1.) Floyd Mayweather Jr.
2.) Manny Pacquiao
3.) Wladimir Klitschko
4.) Vitali Klitschko
5.) Bernard Hopkins
6.) Sergio Martinez
7.) Juan Manuel Marquez
8.) Timothy Bradley
9.) Lucian Bute
10.) Amir Khan

Am I the only one who notices this? I always use BoxRec to get all my boxing info since they are great with records and stuff, but that's their P4P best??? REALLY??!!! I mean, Sergio at 6? Both Klitschkos and their dead body opponents at 4 and 5??? and Where's Nonito? He's not even in their Top 20!!!!

Any thoughts?

And on a more pleasant note, I've really enjoyed your Ring TV show here with Michael Rosenthal, keep up the great work! Two closing questions:

1.) In the next two years, let's say, what opponents do you see Sergio Martinez facing? I would love a fight with Mayweather or PacMan, but it's not happening, so as an alternative I'd tell him to just CLEAN out his division! You?

2.) My all-time favorite boxer is Roberto Duran. How do you think these fights would've gone and ended?

vs. Sugar Ray Robinson at WW
vs. Henry Armstrong at WW
vs. Mayweather at WW
vs. PacMan at WW
vs. Roy Jones Jr. at LMW or MW
vs. Hopkins at MW
Vs. Alexis Arguello at LW

I hope these will be interesting questions and matchups.

Thanks so much for your time, keep up the good work!!! — Danny Diez

Thanks for your kind words, Danny.

I have no thoughts on’s pound-for-pound ratings. I’m sure there’s some reason why they rank the K-brothers as high as they do and why they don’t have Nonito Donaire (my personal No. 2) rated in the top 20, but I honestly don’t care to hear it.

Pound for pound rankings and all-time great lists are meant to entertain and spark debate, not scrutinize and get pissed off about.

THE RING’s P4P top 10 has had more than a few “head-scratchers” in recent years (there’s one or two on the current list IMO). Nobody will ever come up with a perfect P4P list.

I think we will get to watch Martinez defend his RING middleweight title against top contenders over the next two years, starting with Matthew Macklin and continuing with Felix Sturm. He might face one or two fringe contenders (Andy Lee or Peter Manfredo Jr.) between the top two contenders. Hopefully, by the end of 2013, one of the better-known 154-pound contenders step up in weight to challenge him. It won’t be Cotto or Alvarez. It might be Margarito if the TJ Tornado wins on Dec. 3. Or it might be the winner of the Angulo-Kirkland showdown on Nov. 5.

Duran is the man! He’s a true all-time great, one I’ve had the honor of meeting (and even hanging out with a bit thanks to my good friend Tony Rivera). Here’s my pick on your mythological matchups with Hands of Stone:

vs. Sugar Ray Robinson at WW — Robinson by competitive but clear, unanimous decision.
vs. Henry Armstrong at WW — Duran by close decision.
vs. Mayweather at WW — Duran by competitive but clear, unanimous decision.
vs. PacMan at WW — Duran by competitive but clear, unanimous decision.
vs. Roy Jones Jr. at LMW or MW — Jones by mid-rounds stoppage at 175; Jones by uneventful (and probably unpopular) unanimous decision at 160.
vs. Hopkins at MW — Hopkins by competitive but clear, unanimous decision.
Vs. Alexis Arguello at LW — Duran by late stoppage.


Instead of hypothesizing over Sergio Martinez and Maywether and Pacquiao, two fights which will never happen, how bout giving us your picks against these former world champs who would have stepped up to the plate…..

Thomas Hearns (154lbs)
Terry Norris (154lbs)
Mike McCallum (154lbs)
Michael Nunn (160lbs)
James Toney (160lbs)
Julian Jackson (154lbs)
Roy Jones, Jr (160lbs)
Tito Trindad (154lbs)
Iran Barkley (160lbs)
Oscar De La Hoya (154lbs)

*I omitted Hopkins because I know you are on record picking B-Hop. — Tom G.

More mythical matchup! I love ‘em! Bring ‘em on.

Thomas Hearns (154lbs) — Hearns by mid-to-late rounds KO. (“The Hitman” was at his best, and undefeated, at junior middleweight.)

Terry Norris (154lbs) — Martinez by late-rounds TKO in a great shootout between speedy and athletic power-boxers. Mike McCallum (154lbs) — McCallum by close but unanimous decision. (Like Hearns, The Body Snatcher was at his best, and undefeated, at junior middleweight.)
Michael Nunn (160lbs) — Nunn by close decision in a tactical stinker. (The taller, rangy southpaw uses his height, reach and constant footwork too keep the smaller man on the outside — and at the end of his jab.)
James Toney (160lbs) — It really depends on what middleweight version of Toney showed up. The guy who got a gift against Dave Tiberi would lose badly to “Maravilla;” the “Lights Out” who fought McCallum to a draw would out-point Martinez a good fight.

Julian Jackson (154lbs) — I think Maravilla would nail Jackson before the Virgin Islands bomber got to him. I’m going with Martinez by mid-rounds TKO.
Roy Jones, Jr (160lbs) — Jones by decision. The matchup has the potential to be an explosive shootout, but I think Jones would make it a tactical boxing match and outpoint Martinez with superior speed, timing and footwork.
Tito Trindad (154lbs) — Tito gets off the canvas to score a late-rounds, come-from-behind, TKO.
Iran Barkley (160lbs) — Martinez wins a bloody, hard-fought close decision.
Oscar De La Hoya (154lbs) — Martinez by close decision. His speed, southpaw stance and activity overcomes a good start and late rally from the Golden Boy.


Hi Doug,
Here's a blast from the past for the reader who asked about the Cool Vince article in Friday's mailbag:

 Cheers. — Bill, Toronto, Canada

Bill, you are the man! Thank you. It was a joy reading that old piece again. Hopefully, the maintenance that had “the Wayback Machine” website down over the weekend is concluded by Monday morning so the link that file can be accessed by whoever is interested.


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