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Perturbed Pascal calls Dawson “a champion by accident”


RingTV.com: So I understand that you felt disrespected by Dawson during the post-fight press conference?

Jean Pascal: He was very disrespectful. He said that he was on his way to knocking me out and that he was going to stop me. Look, I never went down.

And to me, I would ask him, “Hey, when was your last knockout?” I think Chad was dreaming a little bit. Either he as dreaming, or he’s punchie.He said also that I’m a four-round fighter.

Well, if I’m a four-round fighter, then what a shame, because I beat you. So, basically, if I’m a four-round fighter, then you allowed a four-round fighter to beat you, so that’s not a very smart thing to say.

RingTV.com: What was your opinion about the way that the fight ended?

JP: Honestly, Chad Dawson to me he is a champion by accident, you know what I mean? He won a title by accident, and, plus, he didn’t show me nothing tonight.

I mean, nothing at all tonight. To, me, he’s a champion by accident, and in the rematch, I’m going to get my title back.

RingTV.com: So you want the rematch?

JP: No, no. Understand this. He wants the rematch. I beat him. I don’t need a rematch.

RingTV.com: But do you want one after what you saw tonight and what he said about you tonight?

JP: You know what? I don’t duck no one. I’ll fight any time, anywhere, any place. This guy Chad Dawson, to me, he’s just a clown.

He is just talking s–t. Just fight someone in a respectable way, and we’ll see what you really have.

RingTV.com: Would you like your promoter, Yvon Michel, to pursue the rematch?

JP: I just want him to put me in the best spot possible. You know, I’m a warrior, I’m a fighter, I’m a soldier. Dawson knows that he don’t want to deal with me.

I won’t once fought with an injured shoulder against Diaconu for nine rounds. Chad said that when he fought me, he trained four weeks. Okay, so what, I beat you with one arm.

RingTV.com: So you’re saying your shoulder still was bothering you when you fought Dawson?

JP: Yeah, I fought Dawson with one arm I had just had shoulder surgery. Honestly, like I said, I fought with a dislocated shoulder. Hopkins, you know he’s 46, so I’m more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

When I fought Chad Dawson, that was my first fight back from that surgery. So I wasn’t at 100 percent. I only had a short time to recover from that surgery. The next time I fight him, I will be.



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