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Q&A DeMarco: Loss to Valero prepared him for Linares


RingTV.com: How big was this, and did you learn anything from the Valero fight that prepared you for Linares?

Antonio DeMarco: I’ve never won this kind of a fight at this level.  I knew that it would be a difficult fight, but I never imagined that it would be a big as this. So I had no idea how helpful the Valero fight would be.

That was a great experience in preparing me for this. The styles were surprisingly very similar. They both know how to box and to do it quickly. They both knew how to move in and out and throw quick combinations.

In the first three rounds, Linares was being very intelligent with his punches and his speed, and he was just throwing a high volume of punches.

RingTV.com: At one point were you able to begin to land effectively and turn the momentum in your favor?

AD: Even from the beginning of the fight, I could tell that my punches were hurting him. That became my focus and not whether I looked good or bad.

I just tried to focus on landing my punches effectively, which was part of my preparation, and that’s why I believe I was able to win. In the end, I just believe that my heart was bigger than Jorge Linares’.

My desire grew and my desire was greater than his in the end. That’s what we wanted to do from the beginning was to start out by really punishing him. We wanted to make him feel the punches.

We thought that would be a way to stop his feet. So in about the fifth or sixth round, thanks to my determination, that was what made him slow down and begin to stand toe-to-toe more.

There was an uppercut that caused the cut on his nose. The uppercuts were very important in this fight, because everyone was expecting the one-two punch combination. But the uppercut was the big deal for this fight.

RingTV.com: Were you ever concerned with the fact that he was landing more punches than you were, and can you describe the finishing sequence to the fight?

AD: We never cared about that because we knew that we were in great shape. His punches were not really hurting me at all. There may have been a few punches that I felt in the first round.

But they were not enough to slow me down because I was determined. I knew that if I stayed focused, that it was just a matter of time before I wore him down.

After the 10th round, we came out looking for the knockout because at that point, we knew that we needed the knockout to get the victory.

There was a one-two combination that landed. After that, I realized that he was mine, and I wasn’t going to stop punching him until they stopped the fight.


RingTV.com: When the referee stopped the fight, and you threw your hands up in the air and ran around the ring in celebration, what were your thoughts and emotions?

AD: I was just emotionally excited. It was something that I will never forget. I had dreamed about something like this. I never imagined that it would be something that would be realized the way that it was.

To be a world champion and to win it this way, it just sent a lot of things through my mind. I thought about my three-year-old daughter, Camilla. I thought about my wife, Tanya. I thought about my parents.

I thought about my life on the streets struggling to survive when I was 16, 17 years old. I thought about the people who gave me food to eat during that time here in Tijuana.

There was just so much, and so many memories that went through my mind. I felt so excited that I just can’t describe it. It was like a fairy tale that came true.

I mean, I spent two years or so sleeping in the streets. I went from sleeping in the streets to becoming a world champion.


RingTV.com: What is next for the new WBC junior lightweight champion?

AD: My promoters are in charge of who I will fight next. Whoever it is, I’m ready. I will take on whoever they put in front of me. I am ready for anybody. I just want to continue to earn my money and to feed my daughter.



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