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Hey Doug,
It's been 2 days since Pongsaklek Wonjongkam's excellent win over Sosa, but not a mention of it on The Ring's site. How about some much deserved props for The Ring's flyweight champ and top 10 P4P'er. Wonjongkam still looks sharp at 34 and I honestly thought Edgar Sosa would give him more problems than he did. I keep waiting for the Thai to 'get old' but it just hasn't happened yet. I know Wonjongkam takes a lot of criticism for fighting a lot of 'bums', but that's the way professional boxing is in Thailand and it's beyond his control. Still, he does seem to fight one credible opponent per year which is what a lot of champions do these days. He just has a lot of stay busy fights (against some awfully inferior opponents, I know) in between.

    Wonjongkam is justifiably ranked the best in the division and I can't see any other flyweight beating him at the moment. Unfortunately, fights against the other top flyweights aren't likely. I read that Giovani Segura is targeting Brian Viloria at flyweight. Can you try and convince him to target the 'real' champ? It would be fun to watch and I think Wonjongkam outboxes Segura in a classic boxer-puncher match-up. What do you think?

Also, since we're talking about Narvaez this weekend, how do you think a fight between Wonjongkam and him about five years ago at flyweight would have gone? Keep up the good work. — Carl, Orlando FL

Good call, Carl. Michael Rosenthal included Wonjongkam in his Weekend Review this week, but we did indeed sleep on THE RING/WBC flyweight champ last week. It won’t happen again.

We appreciate the Thai veteran, who is No. 8 on THE RING’s pound-for-pound list.

His unanimous decision over Sosa, a skilled and experienced veteran from Mexico who made 10 defenses of the WBC 108-pound belt he won by beating Viloria, was a significant victory, once which may move him up a notch in the mythical rankings.

As four our good friend Giovani Segura, he knows that Wonjongkam is the real flyweight champ. He’s made it very public that he wants to fight THE RING champ and that he’s willing to go to Thailand to do it. I’m not convinced that Wonjongkam’s handlers are thrilled that idea.

Segura is going after Viloria because he can. He held the WBO’s 108-pound title, so the Puerto Rico-based sanctioning organization automatically installed him as the No, 1 contender for their flyweight belt. Guess who holds the WBO flyweight title? That’s right, Mr. Viloria. So that situation forces Viloria’s manager, Gary Gittelsohn, to talk to Segura’s manager, Ricardo Mota. And Gittelsohn has no problem doing that because Viloria-Segura is a high-profile fight for the 112-pound division. It’s a bigger fight than Wonjongkam-Segura would be because let’s face it, there are more Filipino fight fans than Thai fans right now. And it’s a fight that makes monetary sense for Viloria because Segura is willing to travel to the Philippines, where the native son will get paid more, to make it happen.

I think Segura’s pressure, power and body attack would make Wonjongkam feel his age and wear him down before the 12th round. I think Wonjongkam would have narrowly out-pointed Narvaez had their bout taken place in Thailand. If it took place in Argentina it would have ended in a draw.


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