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Q&A Roach: Marquez stays down this time; who’s next?

RingTV.com: How is Linares doing as far as his facial injuries?

FR: The scars are healing up really nice. The plastic surgeon did a really good job. He’s coming along fine. He had four cuts all together. It took some stitching up. The one right there on his nose was the deepest. He’s fine.

RingTV.com: So where does Linares go from here?

FR: Well, we’re trying to get a rematch, and we’re looking forward to that happening. We would like to get a rematch.

I think that the sanctioning bodies are in agreement that there can be one from what I hear. So hopefully that happens.


RingTV.com: How is Khan’s sparring going?

FR: Amir Khan sparred today for the first time with Jesse Benavidez, and he’s tall and he’s got a style similar to his opponent, Lamont Peterson.

But Benavidez is not exactly like his opponent. So we’ll have Wale Omotoso, who is getting ready to start sparring with Amir and that’s next week.

RingTV.com: Is there any truth to reports that there has been tension between the Khan and Pacquiao camps, and that you have been asked by a Pacquiao team member to separate them and not to allow them to spar due to the prospect of the two of them potentially fighting each other down the road?

FR: That’s not accurate. The thing is Amir and Manny and [Julio Cesar] Chavez [Jr.,] I’ve separated all of them because they’re not fighting similar opponents.

So I want them to get their own time, so that’s the only reason that I’ve had them separated. So they overlap each other. Amir and Manny cross paths every day.

They say hello every day and they compliment each other every day. I don’t see any problem. They’re doing their own thing and we’re working hard and they’re getting ready for their own fights. But they’re not fighting similar opponents.

So if Amir Khan was as short as Marquez, I might use him for a sparring partner, but he’s not, and he’s tall and lanky, so that’s not the right fit.

RingTV.com: Is there a scenario under which you could foresee Pacquiao and Khan ever fighting?

FR: I have said that once before, but they’re both friends and so forth. But I have also said in the past that business is business.

If a truckload of money came their way and it would compensate both guys, then you could never say never. I mean, I would fight my brother for a lot of money I would guess.

I mean, I fought my brother in the amateurs for free. So, you know, it does happen and it could happen. Will it? I doubt it. I would like to see them stay away from each other because they’re both my fighters.

They’re both my friends. But could it happen? Yes, it could happen. Do I expect that it will happen? No. Do I separate them for thinking that they’re going to be doing that? No.

RingTV.com: So how is Pacquiao looking in camp?

FR: Manny is 100 percent focused on Marquez, and he’s really, really motivated for this fight. I’ve never seen Manny so happy and so motivated throughout a training camp like he has been for this one. So we’ve had a great camp.

RingTV.com: How do you see Pacquiao-Marquez III going?

FR: I don’t think that it will last six rounds.

RingTV.com: Does Pacquiao knock out Marquez by knocking him down and knocking him cold, or does he stop him on his feet with the referee stepping in?

FR: Manny’s got four knockdowns against him in two fights, but I think that, seeing Manny’s power now, that he knocks him down. This time, I think that Marquez stays down. I think that at this point, we get him down and we keep him down this time.


RingTV.com: Knowing that you are not looking past your next fight, could you entertain, for the moment, what is, in fact, in the future for Pacquiao if he is successful in the third bout against Marquez?

FR: I would never look past Marquez, and he’s the only thing out there right now. Everyone is talking about Tim Bradley as his next opponent. They’re saying that with him being on our show, then he’s next.

But that hasn’t been discussed yet. Bob Arum hasn’t talked to me about that. He hasn’t talked to Manny about that as far as I know.

RingTV.com: Given that Pacquiao has started to close in and focus more on his political career, how would you like to see Pacquiao’s career come to a close?

FR: Well, you know Manny Pacquiao plans to fight at least two more years he’s told me and then move on with his political career, also. So the thing is we fight two more years.

We probably have at least four more fights at two fights a year. But since Mayweather’s not been coming to the table and we’re looking at retiring at some point, we’re going to fight the best opponents that we can.

Mayweather is certainly possible in my mind, and then, they could fight the rematch and maybe a trilogy. Because there definitely could be that type of a fight.

I really think that, you know? Or, to me, the perfect scenario is to knock out Marquez, beat Mayweather and call it a day. That’s my dream.


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