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So I just heard last night while working that Mayweather is ready to fight the Pacman. I, like Dan Rafael, will believe it when the dotted line is signed. I’m not going to ask you for your predictions because I know, and all your followers know, what your prediction is already, but how surprised are you about this event? I’m not surprised, but I wish Bob Arum and Co. would call this bluff and take the fight. I’ve been reading all day about this topic and I read that Bob Arum is pissed that they chose the venue and the date; I don’t give a damn. Call the bluff, see if Mayweather is serious or not. We, the fans, are tired of waiting. Also, did you see the debate about this topic on ESPN’s First Take this morning? If you haven’t you can catch it on On one side, it’s Stephen A. Smith, I truly respect this guy as a basketball analyst, and Skip Bayless. What’s your take on their argument. I am actually for Skip. I believe Skip when he says that Mayweather is just going to come up with another excuse to avoid the fight.

Aside from their debate, I would love to see you, Lem, and Michael all have a debate about this topic too, maybe make a video out of it, the longer the better, the angrier the better. Are you more optimistic that the fight’s going to happen, considering that the news is coming from Ellerbe himself? Hopefully one of you is saying yes and the other side is saying no. I once thought that this fight was going to happen because of the amount of money that’s being involved, but now I’m feeling less and less comfortable about that. Give me your take!

If this comes to fruition, you can bet that all my money that I’ve saved up and my financial aid money is going all towards this fight. Imma get them tickets if it happens. — Sue Thao, Sacramento, CA

I haven’t seen ESPN’s First Take, but I think it’s a fun idea to debate whether the fight will happen in a video format. Maybe Rosenthal, Satterfield and I will do it (whenever we’re in the same area as Lem, who resides in Maryland). I don’t know about Lem, but Michael is of the opinion that the fight will get made. In fact, he thinks there’s no way the fight doesn’t happen because of all the money that can be made. I have the opposite opinion. If the was going to be made it would have happened in 2010 or this year. I don’t think Mayweather or Pacquiao really wants to do the fight. Neither believes his legacy depends on the fight. Also, there are too many egos involved in the negotiation. Mayweather, Pacquiao, Arum, Haymon, De La Hoya, Schaefer, Roach, it’s just too many big shots who want to call the shots. I hope I’m wrong because I do want to see the fight (although I dread the non-stop online bickering between Floyd and Manny’s mental patient fans leading into the mega event).

I won’t get into it now, but Lem, Michael and I could get into a good debate about who will win the fight as well. I know Lem and Michael favor Mayweather (in fact, both are fairly certain that Floyd would school Manny rather easily). I don’t have to tell you that I strongly disagree with them.



Hey two quick ones:

1. How can someone see the Ledebev-Toney fight? (your suggestion is not an endorsement for any particular service)

2. With all the GREAT matches over the next 6 weeks, how will you have time to do anything other than watch/journalize/email?

I love comics, too, almost as much as the sweet science & I have no time to read my DC reboots this month or next. Take it easy. — JitaHadi


1. I have no idea where to where to watch the Lebedev-Toney fight but I know enough diehard fans and degenerate gamblers to find an online stream somewhere. Go on the various boxing forums and message boards (or Twitter) and ask around. If a stream exists, someone will toss you a link.

2. I’m going to be very busy through mid December, but I won’t be completely inundated. Lem and I finally have some help covering the big (and not-so big) fights with Ryan Songalia, Mike Coppinger and Corey Erdman recently joining us as regular contributers; and the staff will expand even more in early 2012.

I always make time for comics. Two DC reboots that I’m current lying enjoying are the new Swamp Thing and O.M.A.C. titles.



Hey Mr. Fischer-

Congrats on the new gig with The Ring Magazine! Since the last issue didn’t hint of change, this month’s “All New, All Different” edition of The Ring felt like receiving X-Men #94 in the mail via subscription.

Re: Little guys- Vic Darchinyan KOs guys at 115 by just looking at them, yet can’t seem to hurt a guy at 118. Do three pounds make that much difference? To Contrast, are “giant killers” Jorge Arce and Nonito Donaire naturally bigger guys? They keep moving north and still KO the opposition.

Re: Fights- This weekend feels like a national holiday for boxing fans. Perro may put the hurt on Kirkland, but Kirkland is hungry and in a desperate place. And how about that Peter Quillin/Craig McEwan undercard? How often do rising prospects face each other as their careers are ripening? These fights could be explosive, here’s to hoping they bring out the Guns of Navarone!

Glen Johnson’s the man but Lucian Bute’s one tough Romanian gut checker. True clarity at 168 will be here once the winner of this fight takes on the Ward/Froch winner. I suspect it’ll be Bute, but hold out hope for the Road Warrior.

I bought my ringside tickets for Khan/Peterson already, and my run of “Dusty Harrison” T-shirts are at the printers as we speak. If you’re in DC for the match, I’ll save you a shirt.

Have a wonderful weekend. As always, thanks for your time for contributing to The Ring. Sincerely. — Enrique Fernandez Roberts, Washington, DC

Thanks for emailing me your thoughts, Enrique. I don’t think I will be covering the Khan-Peterson fight, but you can bet our man Lem will be on the scene. Don’t be a stranger if you see him on press row. Lem’s as nice a person you’ll ever meet. Give him one of your Dusty Harrison T-shirts and tell him all about the teenage sensation and I’m sure you’ll be reading a story on the local boxer on by the following week.

Here are my thoughts on your thoughts:

Donaire is naturally bigger than Darchinyan. Arce isn’t, but he’s able to carry more weight than the Armenian veteran because of his stock body type. I wouldn’t say Darch Vader can’t hurt his opponents at 118 pounds. He’s faced a lot of bantamweights who could take a hell of a punch, including Agbeko and Mares. He was able to hurt Yonnhy Perez.

Kirkland is indeed in a desperate place. His situation is more desperate than Angulo’s, which makes him dangerous.

Quillin-McEwan is an excellent co-feature. I think the middleweights are meeting at the right time. Both are as “ripe” as they’re going to get, IMO. They’re too old to be considered prospects. It’s time for them to step up their comp if they ever hope to be considered real contenders. Why not against each other?

If the winner of Bute-Johnson faces the winner of Ward-Froch sometime during the first half of 2012, I’ll consider the Super Six tournament a success and still hold out with some hope for this sport.



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