RING Pass: Pacquiao vs. Marquez III


Compiled by Lem Satterfield


Virgil Hunter (trainer of WBA super middleweight titleholder Andre Ward)

Pick: Juan Manuel Marquez SD 12 Manny Pacquiao

To me, it’s a very difficult pick. Logic says Manny Pacquiao because of the weight difference and things of that nature. But I just can count out Juan Manuel Marquez because he knows so much about Pacquiao.

I think that the competition and the different styles that Marquez has fought since their last fight has maybe given Marquez a better perspective to be in this fight. So, I think that if the fight goes the distance, Marquez wins a split-decision. That’s if it goes the distance. So if you want me to give my final verdict, then I will go by split-decision.


Vaughn Jackson (trainer of undefeated welterweight contender Mike Jones)

Pick: Pacquiao W 12 Marquez

Manny Pacquiao is going to win the fight. He’s just too fast, and he’s been more active than Juan Manuel Marquez. He’s too strong for Marquez. The speed; it’s the speed that’s going to beat Marquez. It may go the distance. Marquez will give Manny some problems in the beginning, but I think that Manny’s just going to pick it up and take over the fight later on.

As far as whether or not Pacquiao’s going to stop him, I don’t know if that’s going to happen. But the way that Manny’s been punching lately, I’ve got Manny beating him easily and punishing Marquez. But Marquez is a tough, tough veteran guy, so I think that Pacquiao wins by decision.


Kevin Cunningham (trainer of former WBC/IBF junior welterweight titleholder Devon Alexander)

Pick: Manny Pacquiao KO 8 Juan Manuel Marquez

I just think that Manny Pacquiao is not the same guy that Juan Manuel Marquez faced the other times before.

Pacquiao’s bigger and stronger and faster than he was when they were fighting at the lighter weights. So I think that I can see Pacquiao stopping Marquez within eight rounds.

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