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Who wins Pacquiao-Marquez III? The experts decide


Kevin Iole, Yahoo!Sports

Manny Pacquiao TKO 8 Juan Manuel Marquez: Juan Manuel Marquez isn’t a welterweight, plain and simple. Manny Pacquiao has developed as a fighter since they last fought, and he’s become an even harder puncher.

Marquez couldn’t take the power of a guy who was 130 pounds. He’s never going to take it from the Pacquiao who is a full-fledged welterweight.


Vaughn Jackson, trainer of unbeaten welterweight prospect Mike Jones

Manny Pacquiao W 12 Juan Manuel Marquez: Manny Pacquiao is going to win the fight. He’s just too fast, and he’s been more active than Juan Manuel Marquez. He’s too strong for Marquez. The speed. It’s the speed that’s going to beat Marquez.

It may go the distance. Marquez will give Manny some problems in the beginning, but I think that Manny’s just going to pick it up and take over the fight later on. As far as whether or not Pacquiao’s going to stop him, I don’t know if that going to happen.

But the way that Manny’s been punching lately, I’ve got Manny beating him easily and punishing Marquez. But Marquez is a tough, tough veterran guy, so I think that Pacquiao wins by decision.


Sugar Ray Leonard, five-division, seven-time titleholder

Manny Pacquiao KO 12 Juan Manuel Marquez:  Juan Manuel Marquez is 38, I understand. Age isn’t always a factor, but I think that this time, that it will be a factor. Moreso because of the wear and tear. Without question, I lean toward Manny Pacquiao. I’ve seen him presently in action and from what I’ve seen, he’s incredible.

But the reason this fight sells is because of the fights that these guys have had. They bang and they hurt each other and they rock each other into the ropes. If this is anything like their first two encounters, this is good for boxing.

I think that Pacquiao wins. I think that Marquez is a masterful technician in there, so Pacquiao can’t fall asleep. He can’t take Marquez lightly. That could happen, but I don’t think that it will happen. I see a stoppage by Pacquiao. I think that it happens late. I think that it’s stopped by the referee in the 12th round. 


Ryan Maquiñana, BoxingScene/Comcast SportsNet

Manny Pacquiao TKO 8 Juan Manuel Marquez:  Notwithstanding the first three minutes of this soon-to-be trilogy, Juan Manuel Marquez has given Manny Pacquiao 23 rounds of hell, and at one point, I figured 12 more would essentially settle their ongoing dispute as to who won the first two fights.

However, that feeling has been tempered when considering that while Manny’s body has outgrown the 135-pound weight class, Juan Manuel’s has not as evidenced by his performance against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ultimately, despite the stylistic problems Marquez presents and the addition of new controversial strength coach Angel Heredia/Hernandez, I think Saturday’s outcome will prove decisive.

He’s not Pernell Whitaker, but this version of Pacquiao can box and slip punches a lot better now than three years ago.  He’s improved his right hook to throw over Marquez’s jab. Footspeed and handspeed nods go to Pacquiao as well, as they also have the last two fights.

Overall, while Marquez is a consummate professional and a master technician who has shown to buzz Pacquiao on more than one occasion through timing and uncanny accuracy, I just feel that at this stage of their respective careers, Pacquiao will be able to gradually wear Marquez down by winning more of the exchanges based on his strength and power advantages north of lightweight–and eventually stop him on his feet.


David Mayo, Grand Rapids Press

Manny Pacquiao W 12 Juan Manuel Marquez: This isn’t going to be much easier than the first two. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both men down again, because they’ve both proven they can do it, and because Juan Manuel Marquez has Manny Pacquiao’s whirlwind offense exquisitely timed.

Pacquiao’s advantage is that he clearly has taken his power to a weight that Marquez might carry well against lesser opponents, but not one of this caliber.  If Pacquiao can end the fight short, it probably happens in the later rounds.  But Marquez will be dangerous right up until the end.


Gabriel Montoya, MaxBoxing.com, Leave-it-in-the-ring.com

Manny Pacquiao TKO 8 Juan Manuel Marquez: I’m taking Manny Pacquiao by KO in 8. This fight is a mismatch above 135.

Manny has shown he can handle bigger men while Juan Manuel Marquez has shown he is is topping out at lightweight.


Ciff Rold, BoxingScene.com

Manny Pacquiao TKO 10 Juan Manuel Marquez:  Juan Manuel Marquez isn’t as close to his best as Manny Pacquiao, and has never really shaken his problem of being dropped early in big fights.

It happens again here but, at welterweight, the big comebacks that happened at featherweight and junior lightweight are less likely.  Pacquiao will pull away and begin to dish a beating around the fifth with Marquez stopped either on his feet or in the corner around the 10th.


Michael Rosenthal, Editor of RingTV.com

Manny Pacquiao KO 4 Juan Manuel Marquez:  Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez might have been a competitive fight at 135 pounds a few years ago. But not at 144. Not now.

Marquez gave hell to a smaller, less-evolved Pacquiao in two previous meetings. But the Pacquiao of today is a bigger, stronger and more-complete fighter who has proved he can dominate welterweights.

Marquez is a 38-year-old lightweight who is largely the same fighter he was in the earlier meetings. This is the reason Pacquiao is about an 8-1 favorite. Prediction: Pacquiao by knockout in Round 4.

Tim Smith, New York Daily News

Manny Pacquiao KO 8 Juan Manuel Marquez:  Manny Pacquiao by eighth-round KO. Juan Manuel Marquez has very little experience, and no success, fighting at a higher weight. Who knows what his new strength and conditioning program has added to him.

But it won’t be enough to keep Pacquiao off him. Pacquiao is a different fighter than the previous two times they fought, particularly with the development of a right hand that is just as damaging as his left. I don’t see a way for Marquez to finish on his feet.


Ryan Songalia, THE RING

Manny Pacquiao W 12 Juan Manuel Marquez:  I have Manny Pacquiao by 12 round decision. Sure, you can say that Juan Manuel Marquez is older and hasn’t looked invincible, but you could say that about a lot of his recent fights.

Marquez has a style that would always be difficult for Pacquiao to deal with. Just as in the last two fights, this will be a close-fought battle by two guys who have studied each other very well. But I imagine a knockdown or two will be the primary difference.


The experts favor Manny Pacquiao, 14-1, over Juan Manuel Marquez.



Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

Photo by Tom Hogan, Hogan Photos

Photo by Chris Farina, Top Rank Inc.

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